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  • Katie Bollinger
    Being a stay at home mom I am hardly able to find time for myself.  Coming to the gym and utilizing the Little Bricks program has allowed me to find time for me so I can work out without any interruptions.  It is comforting to know that as I am exercising my children are being taken care of by the friendly experienced staff.  The Little Bricks program has been amazing and my investment has been worth every penny.
    Katie Bullinger Member since 2011
  • Mitch Dickler
    I began seeing a personal trainer at Brick Bodies. Within 7 months, I dropped 18 lbs of body fat and gained 7.1 lbs of lean muscle. My trainer provided me with a healthy eating plan and a work out plan that kept me motivated and the workouts fresh. The individual group classes allowed me to maximize the time I have with a trainer while minimizing the cost.
    Mitchell Dickler Member since 2009
  • Erica Slocum
    I feel comfortable coming to Brick Bodies because the trainers are very knowledgeable and approachable. I’m never pushed beyond my comfort level and I know I have the help I need to make sure I’m on my way to achieving my fitness goals.
    Erica Slocum Member since 2001
  • Sara Brock
    When I first joined Brick Bodies, my workouts consisted of strength training and cardio.  At first I could see results, but they started to plateau. So, I gave the Combat Conditioning class a try. It has been the BEST class I have ever taken at a gym. It focuses on full body strength and somehow makes cardio fun! I highly recommend Combat Conditioning to anyone who wants the best workout you can have in an hour and have fun.
    Sara Brock Member since 2007
  • Theresa Johnson
    I am a runner who enjoys competing in marathons. Before working with my trainer, I could not get my half marathon time under two hours. With a demanding schedule and a life eating plan from my trainer, I was able to bring my half marathon time down to 1:54… nearly 10 minutes faster than I had ever run!
    Teresa Johnson Member since 2007
  • Sudip Patel
    I wasn’t motivated at all to exercise on my own and didn’t want to join a gym. My doctor told me to reduce my weight to bring my pre-diabetic stage back to normal. I began the First Step program and within the 60 days achieved my goals and moved onto the Next Step Program. I cannot say enough about how the program and Brick Bodies changed my life.
    Sudip Patel Member since 2011
  • I’ve always been a competitor and now I am competing against age. That’s why I go to Brick Bodies.
    Stan White Member since 1995
  • Childcare provides our children a safe and enjoyable environment to play and learn while we workout. The childcare date night even allows us to enjoy occasional evenings by ourselves! Our membership to Brick Bodies has greatly enhanced our lifestyles!
    Jeremy & Kelly Lippenholz Member since 2004
  • Prioritize your goal of physical fitness; focus and follow through on a plan developed by you and a fitness professional. Commit to being accountable to yourself, your family, and your friends.
    Jack Dudley Member since 1985
  • My exercise routine has added quality years to my life, given me the opportunity to travel & most importantly enjoy regular activities with my family. Brick Bodies is a great place to workout; the staff is courteous, helpful, friendly and knowledgeable; it is a pleasure to have them around. The members are great too, they give me the motivation I need to keep coming back.
    Nick Malamatas Member since 1998
  • My exercise program has enabled me to enjoy the same quality of life that I enjoyed in my 20’s and 30’s. Exercise has kept me in good health, at a healthy weight and mentally alert, making each decade better than the last. Brick Bodies has made my exercise activity fun and challenging and has given me consistent results over the years.
    Cecilia Grandi Member since 1985
  • The blizzard of 2010 was a test of my physical endurance. Thanks to my 3-times a week BodyVive classes combined with 2-days a week workout sessions on my own, I was able to shovel the heavy snow, trudge through thigh-high drifts, and dig out my car multiple times and do it with strength and endurance.
    Sue Ann Nordhoff-Klaus Member since 2007
  • My goal was to be 50 and fabulous. My reality was that I was fat, frumpy, and medically fragile. Working with my expert personal trainer literally saved my life!
    Karen Barthlow Member since 2008
  • Brick Bodies is truly a special place that allows me to keep up my fitness routine & high energy lifestyle. With each visit I’m reminded of how much I enjoy the members, the staff & the facilities.
    Tom Taylor Member since 1985
  • In February 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I endured a year and half of surgeries and treatments that resulted in weight gain.  In September 2011, after being cleared to work out, I decided to start working out again at Brick Bodies.  After 3 months of working with a trainer, I dropped 10lbs of fat and gained 13 lbs of muscle.  Now my goal is to take the boot camp class!
    Dawn Vance Member since 2007
  • When I began the First Step program I was totally dependent on a cane… I had lost all hope and not sure what to expect. I was surprised to learn over the next 3 months that this program would provide me with a level of support that would allowed me to lose 75lbs and turn my life around. I walked into this program with a cane and now I am taking steps without it. The “First Step” program is the best thing I’ve ever done for me!
    Bernadette Lyles Member since 2011