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Confessions of a Foodie: Are Your Clothes Making You Fat?

May 4, 2015 By: Vanessa Craddock

Face it. Your clothes communicate everything about you before you open your mouth. Are you sending the message you want others to hear? When I started my goal to lose weight, I wore size “big.” I can remember thinking the day I tried to squeeze into my old wardrobe and couldn’t, that it was impossible…

Walk Like a Penguin

March 6, 2015 By: Ron "Commish" Swanson

Advice. You just can’t seem to avoid it, no matter how little you want it. As they say, “Free advice is worth everything you paid for it.” On top of all of the “normal” free advice I get, being a golfer seems to be like having a “Please Critique My Swing” sign pinned on my…

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Confessions of a Foodie: The Business of You

February 16, 2015 By: Vanessa Craddock

Have you ever eaten something decadent and beaten yourself up about it afterward? Or missed your exercise routine for several days or weeks and felt wracked with guilt? Isn’t it human to want a time out now and then when you can let down your guard and enjoy yourself without restrictions? The answer is probably…

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Confessions of a Foodie: Maintaining Weight Loss

November 19, 2014 By: Vanessa Craddock

Are you afraid of gaining back the weight you’ve lost? Nearly 80% of people who have lost weight actually gain it back in two years, according to an article on With the holiday season upon us, it can be tricky to remember your motivation and stay the course. While many weight loss professionals say the ideal…

Food Addiction: Losing the Shame and Cultivating a New Life

September 17, 2014 By: Molly Mayer

Eating healthy and losing weight seems almost impossible for many people. Despite our best intentions (I say “our” because I’ve been there), we often find ourselves eating large amounts of unhealthy food, despite knowing that it’s causing our bodies (and minds) harm. Think about how you feel both physically and emotionally after that fast food…

You Are What You Eat, Really

August 13, 2014 By: Ron "Commish" Swanson

From the last time I wrote, there were, in my opinion, 3 things to takeaway from it: REMINDER No. 1: “Thin people eat until they are not hungry. Heavy people eat until they are satisfied.” REMINDER No. 2: Eat 4 or 5 small meals a day. Do not go too long between eating. REMINDER No.…

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Confessions of a Foodie: Going too Far

July 15, 2014 By: Vanessa Craddock

Okay, I confess. I’m never going to have a problem “not eating enough.”  One of the first TV channels programmed on my DVR was The Food Network channel.  I love good food and enjoy a meal more than the law should allow. But even a healthy eater can go into a tailspin and slip into…

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