New Classes & Programs


Looking to spice up your workouts? Try affordable personalized group training that guarantees fast results. Below are some of the small group training programs designed just for you!

Drop In – $15.00
10 Pack – $125.00

Non Member:
Drop In – $20.00
10 Pack – $170.00



Baltimore Barre: The 1st to Offer Baltimore Barre in the Area!
Fusing the principles of ballet, yoga, toning and pilates, Baltimore Barre guarantees fast results. Lifts the seat, strengthens the core and target trains the upper body like you’ve never done before.



Boxing: Fight fat fast
Build strength, endurance, sport conditioning and confidence as you KO your stress and body fat. Before you know it, you’ll be calling out, “Yo Adrienne. It’s me Rocky!”





TRX Suspension Training: Join the Movement!
Discover fun, fast effective ways to train from head to toe like you’ve never done before. Your body against gravity takes your fitness to a whole new level. This “hard core” training comes in a variety of levels, flavors and class styles.







Bootcamp: Wake-up your Workouts
Wake up your workout with this military inspired group training program guaranteed to give you results…. fast! Held accountable by your “team mates,” you won’t want to miss a single second.






Pure Pilates: Strength starts here. 
Build your strong foundation for better health. Based on the principles of Joseph Pilates, mat & circuit classes that help you to grow stronger, longer and leaner. Discover how pilates can enhance your life.



R.E.A.C.T. : Time to Over-REACT!
R.E.A.C.T. is Resistance, Endurance, Agility and Core Training. Using a BOSU, build strength and balance from the inside out.



EmPOWER: Women’s Wellness Workouts
Discover your inner beauty. Build strength, endurance and confidence while you empower yourself to achieve more.

**Classes vary per location. For more information please contact Personal Training Director**