Pure Pilates & Baltimore Barre


What is Pure Pilates?
Pilates is a high energy, non impact, weight-bearing workout performed on the mat and/or at the Ballet barre, designed to burn fat, strengthen and, streamline targeted muscles of the body. The personalized attention to your form and alignment from our skilled instructors of this smaller group training class reduce the risk of injury.

What is Baltimore Barre?
A high energy, no impact workout, fusing the principles of Ballet and Pilates with resistance and isometric training performed in an interval, weight bearing format at the ballet barre and on the mat. Barre is a great, full body that targets arms, abs and of course, thighs and butt. Meet you at the Barre.



Brick Bodies Coed:
Brick Bodies Downtown
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Expected Results:

How often should you take Pure Pilates and/or Baltimore Barre?

If you are cross training with other activities, we recommend 2 or more classes of Pure Pilates or Baltimore Barre per week. Any combination can be effective with our diverse class formats. Many participants take as many as 3 or 4 times a week. As with any form of exercise, consistent attendance produces the most results.


“…My core strength has increased so much that it’s now fun to do more challenging exercises.”
“…Bottom line: Pilates has produced better results with less time spent exercising!”
“…the instructors were patient and careful to explain body positioning and breathing…”
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For more information please contact Taryne Davila, Pilates Coordinator at 410-529-2348 or Taryne.Davila@BrickBodies.com