Pilates Testimonials


“Pilates is unlike anything I’ve ever done. After a year of Pilates, I continue to find that I can do things I couldn’t even remotely do this time last year. It feels wonderful to be working my muscles and streetching them at the same time. My core strength has increased so much that it’s now fun to do more challenging exercises.”


“I love that Pilates is non-impact — I never feel that any of the exercises put stress on any of my joints. In fact, the exercises (especially on the Reformer) often feel as though they are therapeutic. I’m counting on Pilates to keep me young forever!

I love the feeling of strength and control in my core that I get from Pilates. As I have progressed in the Pilates program, I am amazed at how you can learn to control certain muscles in your body. Once you find that control, you can feel the difference between when you just ‘do’ an exercise vs. controlling the exercise. You soon become aware of every move you make. That awareness helps me get more out of not only my Pilates sessions, but also my other workouts (strength training and various cardio workouts). Pilates has improved my form when performing other types of exercises. My abs are flatter now than they have ever been, and the funny things is — I do so much less traditional abdominal work (crunches, etc.). I used to do the traditional types of exercises 7 days a week. Now I do Pilates a couple of times a week and the other stuff a couple of times a week.Bottom line: Pilates has produced better results with less time spent exercising!”


“I have been participating in the Pilates program at Brick Bodies for about 1 1/2 years. In that time, I have seen and felt positive changes in my body. Pilates has helped me gain strength, flexibility, and an inner awareness of my body that wasn’t there before. I incorporate both mat and reformer into my regular aerobic and weight training workouts. When I first started the program, the instructors were patient and careful to explain body positioning and breathing. Now that I have been praticing Pilates, the instructors still make sure that I am being challenged by presenting advanced moves. I am glad that I tried both mat and reformer Pilates. They have made a postive difference in my workout routine!”


“The professional caring staff and consistent thorough instruction have made my pilates experience very meaningful! I truly love the challenge of the various moves and how they have changed my body in terms of strength, tone and flexibility for the better. I have a year membership and plan to conitnue the program to maintain these fabulous results! I have been especially impressed with Anita Seraina’s calm, detailed and focused method of instruction — I look forward to letting it all go and working hard in her classes. Additionally Pilates allows me to explore my interior in depth and search for areas of concentration that I didn’t know existred as I perform the exercises.”