Group Exercise Reviews

  • Group Exercise Instructors

    Sandy Broseker

    The instructors for each class at Lynne Brick’s Belvedere Square have been excellent. They are patient, yet demanding; challenging, yet kind.

  • Group Exercise

    Karen Holloway

    I really enjoy the group exercise classes because the instructors always push me beyond what I would do on my own. Since I am mildly competitive, I want to keep up with the class. The instructors are energetic and fun. I appreciate how they walk around to ensure that we are using proper form.

  • Organized Group Exercise

    Kevin Wingate

    I currently use Brick Bodies Downtown and am very impressed with group exercise classes such as Zumba, BodyPump and Body Combat. The classes are organized, stimulating, motivational and always start on time. I am very impressed with the professionalism and friendly demeanor displayed by the Brick Bodies Downtown staff.

  • TRX with Charlie

    Carol Zollicofer

    Charlie always challenges you to do more. She is so motivating. The push she gives us in every class is the best. You might come not wanting to do much, but after several minutes you feel yourself trying harder. Thanks Charlie!

  • Great Instructors

    Rich Wathen

    When I first joined Brick Bodies a couple of years ago, I really enjoyed BodyPump. Now I spin too. Back to back. I think the instructors have motivating attitudes that make it challenging and fun. I like Pam and Maribeth, but Kerry P.’s the best.

  • Lynne Brick's Review

    Eileen Hastings

    I have been coming to the club for years at Belvedere. I am generally very satisfied with the club and what it offers, its appearance and the people.

  • Toni Lyles takes it to the right limit!

    Hilary Jacobsen

    Yesterday, I took a BodyJam class with Toni. I took it because it was the only one that fit into my schedule. Wow! Was I ever surprised! Previously, when I had taken this class with Toni there were so many turns involved that I got super dizzy. Yesterday, there were hardly any turns and tons of options! “You can turn – only if you want to. You can jump here – only if you want to.” Talk about a perfect class.

  • Great Experience

    Lindsay Peck

    I started coming to Brick Bodies because I work at Towson University in the athletic department and have gotten to know Vic and Lynne as well as one of their other business partners. I purchased a Groupon back in the summer and fell in love with the group exercise classes. I love the variety and the frequency that allows me to work around my work schedule. My favorite instructor is Maria, who teaches the 6:30pm BodyVive class at Lynne Brick’s on Thursday evenings. I look forward to the new challenges with some of the classes that I take during the week.

  • Excellent classes, GREAT value


    I can’t say enough good things about the group classes. The instructors are wonderful, friendly, efficient, and well informed. The workouts are perfectly suited to every level of fitness. No one ever makes you feel bad if you can’t keep up when you first start. You get a LOT of choices, too.

  • Cecilia Bullough

    Group exercise classes are great. The instructors are excellent.

  • Classes in Reisterstown

    Robin Hadel

    First of all, I have to say kickboxing with Christopher is the best class I have ever taken. I have been taking his class faithfully for a few years. Love it!!!!

  • Luv' It


    I love the group exercise classes. They are encouraging and right there when you need them. Thanks Brick Bodies!

  • Body Combat with Camilla

    Carole Seibel

    I had to stop spinning due to hip issues, so I started taking BodyCombat Tuesday mornings at 8am at Green Spring. I love the class! Camilla is wonderful!! She makes the class fun and exciting, so you don’t even know that you have killed yourself for an hour. She is also there early and always takes time to talk to everyone who is there.

  • Body Attack at Perry Hall with Liz

    Kara Snyder Wasniak

    Liz D. is an amazing instructor. She is motivating and fun – everything you need in an instructor. I wish more people were like her! She is inspiring!

  • Love BodyCombat, Tonya's Brick Biking Class and Toni's BodyJam Class

    Nickole Gambrill

    These classes have helped me lose 20lbs!