Tips to Reduce Foot Pain

April 27, 2010 By: Lynne Brick

Lynne Brick“Feet don’t fail me now.” The lyrics of Edwin Starr’s song “25 Miles” resonates in my head every time I wear heels or every time my feet give me a fit while I’m working out.  My plan is to keep my feet healthy so I can walk 2 miles or even 25 miles. How about you? It’s Foot Health Awareness Month. Time to focus on your feet!

Here are four tips to help reduce foot pain:

1.   Support. Your feet provide the foundational support to your ankle, your knees, your hips and your spine.  Every step you take when you walk, dance, jump, hop, jog or run creates impact forces causing a domino effect from your feet to your head.  Pain in your hip or pain in your knee may actually be a function of unsupported feet. OTC inserts and professionally designed orthotics will help cushion the impact forces and provide proper support to your arch, heel and forefoot. Where can you find orthotics?  Go to your chiropractor or your podiatrist to have them created based on how you stand and how you walk.

2.   Pedicures. Pedicures help to keep your calluses under control, keep your nail beds healthy and provide relaxing massage / reflexology to significant pressure points. Schedule a pedicure at least once a month.

3.   Ice. You can freeze a water bottle, place it on the floor and roll your foot overtop for relaxing comfort.

4.   S-T-R-E-T-C-H. Stretching the bottom of your feet as well as your toes will help keep your feet supple.  Think about it. Your feet may be crammed into shoes most of the day. Use your own hand to massage your feet or a foot stretcher or toe stretcher.

Say goodbye to “Oh my aching feet” and hello to “My feet are feeling fine.” Use these techniques to help make your feet more functional so you can focus on fancy footwork all day and night!

You Go Girl!    Lynne Brick, BSN

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Posted by Lynne Brick on April 27, 2010