But I Really Can’t Get to the Gym …

April 28, 2010 By: Ron "Commish" Swanson

Ron "Commish" Swanson

Ron SwansonIt’s been an interesting couple of weeks inasmuch as I have been unable to get to Brick Bodies very often because life has gotten in the way. At least three, sometimes four, and occasionally five times a week, I was able to get to the gym and then suddenly I was getting there only once a week. Even though getting to Brick Bodies has been tough, using the things I have learned have kept me close to being on track.

Since Gwaltney, my daughter, has her official weigh-in each Tuesday morning at Padonia (she is a contestant in the Couples Weight Loss competition), I started getting up earlier so I could meet her there for the “Tale of the Scale.” If you have not had a chance to attend one of the 7:30 a.m. weigh-ins, you are missing some good stuff. It is really heart-warming to see different people literally going through life-changing experiences right before your eyes. Gwaltney’s friend and partner in this endeavor, Brittany, is coming out of her self-imposed shell. Brit has always been quiet but over the last few years she had become so introverted that it is really nice to see her personality emerging once again. While it is a competition, it is one in which everyone wins.

Before each weigh-in is filmed, Diet-To-Go, who supplies diets tailored to the particular needs of the contestants, gives a couple minute presentation on various food issues and one in particular was important for me to hear.

The presenter (and I am sorry for not remembering her name) asked everyone if we ate breakfast. Most people either didn’t eat or had a cup of coffee and/or a doughnut. Of course we all know this isn’t health food but it got the day started and didn’t take too much time. Well, wrong answer, indeed.

It seems that until we “break our fast” or “breakfast” (I actually learned this terminology from reading “Pillars of the Earth” many years ago) our metabolism is in a drowsy, don’t bother me kind of mode. If we fuel ourselves with better material it jump starts our bodies to burn calories and fat more efficiently throughout the day. When our fast is broken the body knows it is time to go to work, also.

So, while work has been keeping me from the formal workouts, getting up earlier has allowed me to go on a longer morning walk with our Anatolian Shepherd. Instead of doing our one lap around the property, we now do a second loop with Gwaltney and her idiot dog, a Lab, joining us for the second half mile. The result is that by incorporating a tip from Diet To Go I have still been able to drop a pound or two even though I “really can’t get to the gym.”

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