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By Dawn’s Early Light

May 31, 2012 By: Elsey Curtis

Elsey Curtis

Ghosts of summers-past loom front and center in mind as my husband Chip and I launch plans for 2012.  We lived aboard a small sailboat last year and in keeping with the Beatles’ lyrics, managed to get by with the help of our friends.  In fact, we survived remnants of two hurricanes by accepting their offers for warm and dry refuge.

This summer promises to be different but won’t be a repeat of the season I trained to run a marathon.  Nor will I again stretch daily bike rides to prepare for completing Salisbury’s Century.  The fact Lynne Brick’s allows members to suspend payment while stay-caying is more than fair.  I look forward to renewing my gym membership as soon as we return to Baltimore.  Between now and then, what will I do?  Anticipating a daily grind of solo workouts to include jogs, swims, and rides, I already “sorely” miss the challenge of classes and light-hearted banter at “the Square” that I’ve come to cherish.

Since Chip and I have made plans to live in a log cabin on the edge of some Maine woods located on an island in Casco Bay, I hope to maintain a cornerstone to my normal routine; i.e., “Get up early and get it done!”  Most of the year, I arrive at the gym in time for a 6 a.m. (or 5:45) class. I am home by 7:30 and revved to meet the day.  With body and mind primed, I’m usually ready for whatever challenge or obstacle awaits.

Due to the sunlight factor, I plan on waking early while on vacation.  Geographically, Maine belongs in a separate time zone.  The sun rises here nearly an hour before any place else in the continental U.S.A.  At first light, I’ll be up and about my workout… which reminds me.  Once during a summer solstice off Cape Elizabeth, I saw the sun rise twice!  According to an old journal entry, it happened like this:

Chip asked if I had opened my eyes yet.  Wow!  A fusion of vibrant orange hues cascaded over us.  Then, as our room shimmered brightly yellow, we watched the rounded edge of a ruddy disk appear on the horizon and slowly increase in size until fully formed.  As soon as the sun had risen, a jagged, ever-broadening strip of cloud enveloped the ball of light until it was totally engulfed.  Two or three minutes later, the sun spectacularly rose again, this time above a gray cloud bank rimmed in gold.  Whew, breathtaking!

May nature’s capacity to surprise and the rewards of exercise be yours this summer.

Posted by Elsey Curtis on May 31, 2012

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  1. Lynne Brick says:

    Thank you for sharing your awesome experience Elsey! Every day is truly a gift. Enjoy your summer and your summer workouts. Mother nature is the best play ground. Hope to see you in the club!

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