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July 26, 2011 By: Barbara Downes

Barbara Downes

Getting in shape and staying healthy has never been more accessible than it is today.  With all the talk about holistic and vital living, health clubs and organic markets springing up there is every opportunity to establish a healthy way to get life right!

Here are some easy ways to get in shape in a Vitalistic Way.

First of all, commit to daily exercise.  Brick Bodies offers a class and a pace for everyone.  The best programs include flexibility and endurance.  Following a trainer or professional instructor gets you where you want to be faster while affording a stronger immune system a faster metabolic rate.

Flexibility is a must as flexible body tissue burns twice as many calories during a workout.  It helps keep injuries and inflammation to a minimum while increasing circulation and feel-good endorphins.  Try Yoga or Body Flow for excellent and lasting results.

Be sure to stay in good alignment.  This includes impeccable posture, chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue massage and yoga to name a few.  This cannot be over-emphasized in the pursuit of vital wellness.  Good alignment affords more symmetry to musculature, better circulation and improved nervous system function which integrates all the body’s systems.

Hydration is a critical issue and one that needs repeating this time of year.  A person should drink half their weight in pounds in ounces of water in a day,  Best to add ten ounces if working out or working outside.

This hydration provides detoxification for the intestines and urinary tract, aids in mobilizing toxins from the colon, thins bile for fat break-down and provides necessary hydration for the brain.   Keep some close by at all times and drink it generously!

Whole organic foods should be the backbone of any health plan, and thankfully these are more available

And the dangers of processed and sugared foods have become more readily available to anyone interested in knowing the truth.

It really is easy to get that healthy feeling when we abide by these simple truths as a lifestyle, a vitalistic one.   You have the whole team at Brick Bodies with expertise, and you have me, if you have particular health needs that need attention tailored to suit your needs!


See you in the cardio theatre!!

Posted by Barbara Downes on July 26, 2011

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