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March 7, 2011 By: Blogger

I am now on Day 7 of the Detox Phase of the Smash. I have 2 days left to go…and so far, so good…for the most part. I have only had one real set back and I knew full well what I was doing so I more than likely slowed myself down a bit…and no it wasn’t anything like a burger or a cheesesteak or even a few fries…it was my arch nemesis: cocktails! That was only one night though—Friday, and so I have already moved on from it and in an attempt to undo the damage, I did incorporate 2 extra very long walks!

Aside from that, things seem to be going well. I am (for the most part) a very healthy eater, so I already know that I may not lose as much as most people would when smashing in Phase I. A lot of the menu selection has been on my personal menu for more than the past year, but it has also been checkered with cheats here and there….so we will see if being MORE consistent yields results. I am not supposed to weigh myself during the first 9 days…but you know I did and the last time I did so, I was 5 pounds down. Now, I don’t tend to get excited over 5 pounds…not saying that it’s shabby or I am unappreciative, but I see 5 pounds come and 5 pounds go most weeks people, lets face it!

One of the things that I have noticed is that I am up a lot more during the night to use the bathroom, but I am much less bloated! I am not drinking more water than I normally do, so it must be the fruits and veggies working their way through my system.

For me, during phase 1, what has been a real staple for me in most of my meals are the grilled veggies. I tossed asparagus, red, yellow and green peppers, squash, mushrooms [and extra firm tofu] with lemon juice, a touch of olive oil, some pepper and garlic and I eat them with everything! They are great with your egg whites in the morning, I eat them over brown rice for lunch and I add them on top of a salad at night….I have no problem getting the veggies in because they are so good and they really do help to fill me.

In 2 days, I can add coffee back in for Phase 2 (Phase 2 lasts 3 weeks). I can also add in some avocado, as a healthy fat . Other additions to Phase 2 include cottage cheese, 3-4 oz of chicken, lean beef, or turkey per day. Also 3oz of halibut, tuna, salmon, snapper, or shrimp. I can also now incorporate some cereals in the morning such as Total, Life, Rice Crispies, Shredded Wheat, Wheaties, and Chex, only 1 cup per day.

All in all, I think I have exhibited some new found will power. I have not succumbed to the birthday cakes, boss’ breakfasts or pizza lunches in the office; I have not gone home and secretly ordered take out (though no one would know except for me and the delivery guy!). Wish me luck as I continue to SMASH!!!

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