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LOW CARB Diet Really Means SLOW CARB!

August 16, 2012 By: Barbara Downes

Barbara Downes

Every day in my Bio-Transformation Holistic Health practice I get questions about low carb diets which are all the rage among the super-skinny Hollywood types.  In fact if you go to LA and order a burger they will ask if you want a bun or a lettuce wrap around it. For good reason, simple carbs, aka fast carbs or starches, like bread, make us thick and sick!

Too often people mistake a low carb diet to mean that all carbs are bad for the body which is a dangerous concept.  There are good carbs and bad carbs.  In fact I wish they were two separate entities or that we could switch the name to LOW STARCH diet.  In addition, too much protein ingestion has dangers, tissues can become brittle and it can tax the kidneys irreversibly.

That said, we must take stock in the good carbs or as they are now known, SLOW CARBS.  Formerly considered complex carbohydrates, these are healthy carbs that digest slowly and affect blood sugar very slowly in our bodies.  Simple or fast carbs rapidly change blood sugar levels and have a huge impact on body stores of fat as well as set the stage for metabolic disasters like diabetes.

Slow Carbs or healthy carbohydrate sources have great amounts of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fiber.  Fiber gives a sense of fullness as well as a function of inner cleansing.  I just ate two cups of Organic Sweet Baby Lettuce through my work day which contains in total less than 3 grams of carbohydrate.  It also has a gram of protein, a gram of fiber and a lot of Vitamin A.  I’m ok with that kind of carbohydrate snack!

If you are having weight issues and choose to approach it with the Slow Carb approach it is quite easy.  Find a carb counter online and keep track of what you eat.  I like and it is free.  Try to maintain less than 72 g of carbohydrates per day.  Vegetables generally have a low count, and starches like bread, white potatoes and pasta are high in total carbs by contrast.  By using a counter you will be able to make choices that provide the most nutrition, and assist your metabolism and gut flora as well.

Weight issues are not always this simple, however,  carbohydrate management it is a good place to start.  The discipline will pay huge dividends in health and stealth.  You will look and feel better!  There are many cases where we must look further to hormone balance, and function of the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands, etc.    My experience is that when the fast carbs are eliminated and good healthy ones increased dramatically, these other problems are much easier to determine and cure.

Our job is to help you optimize every cell, organ, system and tissue in your body with Functional Nutrition and Nutrition Response Testing.  We have many avenues into natural perfect health.  Think well, eat well, and move well every single day!


Posted by Barbara Downes on August 16, 2012

6 responses to “LOW CARB Diet Really Means SLOW CARB!”

  1. Rich Palarea says:

    Good article. Most people will realize a huge improvement and be 80% of the way to a complete and healthy nutritional plan by eating a nutrient-dense diet that is sugar, legume and grain free. While exercise is quiet important to a complete approach to fitness and health, what you eat (and how you change that) will lead to greater and faster body composition changes.

    Although a bit more complex, the timing of carbohydrates can also be a key way to hack the body’s chemistry to maximize the effectiveness of carbs. It would be great to see a future article on this topic. I’ve been able to make small tweaks with this and gain maximum effectiveness.

    • Excellent Rich! This is really a skim over the topic. Clinically we work to get people well, and dropping some of the most problematic foods helps immensely. There is so much more to share concerning pancreatic enzymes, timing, and a myriad of helpful tips. It becomes a personalized issue, and our program of “Designer Clinical Nutrition” is all about that. Here though, just some helpful hints are probably safe and hopefully useful. I emphasize LOW carb rather than NO carb so we have some chance to actually EAT! And of course, if we were ridiculously low in carb intake, we’d not get the vegetables and fruits we so desperately need!! Glad to see some folks taking the info in. Real eating is our start in bio-transforming into truly healthy bodies! Dr Downes

  2. Lynne Brick says:

    Thank you Barb for your great article and suggestion for a carb counter app! I believe in your nutrition philosophy as well.

  3. Erica Turner says:

    Thank you for this. I have been trying to adopt a low carb plan, this is helpful. Also, Thanks to Lynne for bringing this up in Zumba class.

    • Thanks to you for reading and learning!! I thank Lynne for all that she is to so many people! She really is a great resource about what really IS concerning your health and fitness. BrickBodies is a great place to workout, and Lynne & Victor are just outstanding!

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