Ron Swanson – A Thank You From My Dog

October 8, 2010 By: Ron "Commish" Swanson

Ron "Commish" Swanson

Today the temperature might be 90 degrees, but Fall is in the air. You can feel the change as even the hottest days now have pleasant evenings. And, every morning those pesky leaves are starting to pile up outside my door. That coupled with the sad fact that we have only three more weeks of twilight golfing left in the season brings me back to spending more time at Brick Bodies.
This summer has generally meant just one or two days a week at the gym while in the fall and winter I like to pick up the pace and go three or four times. It was easy cutting back during the summer because there was always so many other things to do after leaving the office. When it gets dark before 5 o’clock, there aren’t so many pressing things to take care of in the evenings. Most of the time I concentrated on cardio workouts—treadmill, elliptical and bike—and not so much on the “machines” at Padonia. Truthfully, I was a bit tired of doing the same routines that I had been doing for the last eight months.
Then, last week it happened. I went into the “machine room” and there were all new pieces of equipment. Where did they come from? Who knew? Here were the sort of things that I had been wishing were here and all I had to do was look for them.
There are new crunch-type machines and things to work tri-, bi- and what ever other type of –ceps we have. It was very pleasing to find them but, at the same time, I wondered how long had they been here. Could I have been using these all summer? Oh well, at least I can use them all winter.
I was most happy to see a “Torso Rotational” devise. Forgive my not knowing the true names of these things but I have no interest in devoting the few extra brain cells I have left to memorizing various muscle groups and  the exercises that isolate them. Anyway, I had started loosening my back in the morning by doing a rotating, gyroing-type movement I came up with and it seemed to feel pretty good. The drawbacks, however, were many. For instance,  as I rotated right, and then left I could hear Chubby Checker singing, “Round and round we go; up and down we go, twisting the night awaaaaay.” At least only I could hear it in my head.

Mrs. Commish did wake up early one morning and leaped out of bed because she was afraid I was having a seizure. And Makai, our huge Anatolian Shepherd, tries to ignore me as I “rotate” but he sleeps with his eyes open because he’s fearful that I am going to spin right into him. I can see the panic in his face, just beneath the surface.
Now, however, all I have to do is use Brick Bodies Rotational Torso Thingy Device and accomplish the same thing, only safer and more efficiently. Mrs. Commish and Makai thank you, Lynne and Victor.

Posted by Ron "Commish" Swanson on October 8, 2010

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