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March 14, 2011 By: Ron "Commish" Swanson

Ron "Commish" Swanson

I had been a member of Brick Bodies for about 2 years when I began writing this blog. I had no idea where it would lead or who these musings might touch; but, since I enjoyed writing, I gave it a try.

When I began working out my knees hurt so badly that I was seriously considering getting one of those “sucker cups” to put on the end of my golf club so I wouldn’t have to bend down to get the ball out of the hole. More than once I knelt on the ground to retrieve the ball, a very humbling maneuver. My doctor had me on BP medication costing almost $500 for a 3-month supply over and above what my insurance covered and he wanted me to start on cholesterol meds. I have never been a fan of prescription drugs so, as a last resort, I checked out several gyms and felt most comfortable here, at Lynn and Victor’s.

Those first couple of years I focused mostly on cardio. I lost about 20 pounds (not a whole lot when you start out at my size), the pain in my knees disappeared, and my BP improved such that I now spent less than $20 every three months on generic medication. While I felt better, it had zero influence on those around me. No one really noticed that I had lost some weight and certainly no one was interested in joining me at my workout sessions.

Then I began blogging under the “nom de plume” of “The Commish.” Initially my blogging was an adjunct to our Bad Golfers website. I would write a weekly synopsis of our golfing prowess trying to find some humor in our struggles. This led to writing longer articles and musings that were not always golf-related but, in some way, interested me. Then the opportunity to write for Brick Bodies came about and I thought I could write another 600 words a month. My intention was to document as best I could what transpired when a moderately overweight, aging boomer attempted to get back to his college playing days.

It goes without saying that I haven’t begun to approach those days of old but by no means has this past year been anything but a success. Sure I have lost a few pounds, lost a few percent body fat, and strained and stressed various muscles and joints. None of these exploits are the least bit noteworthy.

What is noteworthy is that my wife, Mrs Commish, has begun working out more diligently. Since she doesn’t read my blog, I can safely say that she could lose a few pounds. In fact, she was recently diagnosed with diabetes with an 11.5 A1C count. If you are like me, that just meant, “Huh?” Anyway, that is a bad number and she should have a count under 7.0. Paying attention to what she is eating and increasing her physical activity, just yesterday she got her new blood work report and her A1C was 6.7! If she can keep this up then there is no need for insulin shots … yet.

My daughter began reading my Commish blogs and then my Brick Bodies blogs and got interested in doing the Extreme BrickOver Couples Edition. Gwaltney didn’t win the contest but she lost almost 40 pounds, has kept it off, and goes to the gym more than I do. She makes me feel guilty. Her husband is also now a member and goes a couple of times a week.

All of these benefits and all I have done is a little “lip-flap” on the computer.

Posted by Ron "Commish" Swanson on March 14, 2011

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