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Seize The Opportunity To Work Out

May 18, 2012 By: Monyka Berrocosa

Monyka Berrocosa

I used to view my son’s lacrosse practices as something that took up a lot of my time, and I’ll admit – dread them. Between scrambling to get dinner on the table, everyone fed, and not to mention, having a moment to catch my breath (aside from enjoying my son), lacrosse practice was a bit of a headache.

This year my son’s lacrosse team practices at a beautiful park called Meadowood. After walking the park out of boredom one day,  I realized that it was quite a lovely outdoor workout opportunity waiting to happen. Things haven’t been the same since!

Now instead of just going and plopping down my folding chair I usually plan to suit up in workout gear. I make sure my running shoes are on and get ready to make positive productive use of the time he’s practicing, to practice taking care of me.

Since then, I’ve had some pretty interesting workouts over the past couple of months. I love the chance to work out – OUTside, particularly for the variety it serves up. The park provides a great opportunity to people watch and push myself physically, all at the same time.

Whether I’m speed walking laps, or doing a series of calisthenics, being outside and taking good care of myself has helped me look at my kids practices in a whole new light.

On a couple of occasions, I’ve even been able to convince my significant other to join me in a speed walk around the park. Not only has this created a fitness opportunity, but it’s also created some great quality time for the two of us. Like many we are usually running around and rarely get many chances for “us”time, but healthy “us” time is a bonus.

I think as women we tend to take care of everyone else first. Getting kids to extra curricular activities is no exception. However, being able to turn that obligation into an opportunity to practice taking better care of myself, has given me a whole new appreciation for my son’s lacrosse practices.

That hour and a half has become very precious and anticipated as an opportunity to take much better care of myself.  In January, I had a goal to lose 30 pounds, I’m happy to report that I am 12 pounds of the way there!

I’m sure finding ways to incorporate more fitness and movement into my busy schedule is one of the things that’s responsible for my success. What activities can you rethink to help you take better care of you?

Posted by Monyka Berrocosa on May 18, 2012

2 responses to “Seize The Opportunity To Work Out”

  1. Glen Tipton says:

    We are a multi-tasking culture…what better way to use that instinct than to help us all stay healthy, while supporting another equally important aspect of life: family…walk instead of sit or ride. I heard on NPR that 5 days of half hour walks a week will add years to your life…or at least help avoid fighting off high blood pressure, high collestoral (sp?), diabitus (sp?)…unfortunately can’t make you a better speller! In summary: you go girl! I try to go to the the gym (Brick Bodies) three days a week (not always successful) and walk the remaining two or three…have lost 25 pounds and so far seem to be able to keep it at that level….exercise and portion control helps.

  2. Thanks Glen – I appreciate your comments 🙂 Keep up your efforts – your loss of 25 lbs is extremely inspiring and motivating!

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