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This is Better Than butter!

July 17, 2011 By: Lynne Brick

Do you want to lose weight, rev up your metabolism and prevent infections all while enjoying flavorful foods that are high in fat?  Yes, you read that correctly… high in fat. Seems impossible, doesn’t it?  Seems it can’t be good for you, right?  Actually, people have been eating these for centuries.  Often tabooed because of…

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The Road to 100 Fit Tip #64 Four Tips to Prevent Weight Gain During The Holidays

November 18, 2010 By: Victor Brick

It is said the average American gains between 7 and 12 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Yearís. We all know it is harder to lose weight than it is to keep it off in the first place. Why? Because it takes 9 kilocalories of energy to burn a gram of body fat. It only takes…

Laura Waterhouse – In a stew over bag lunches!

September 15, 2010 By: Blogger

Oh my friends, my friends, Today as I look out the window as the dull and rather gloomy day after the rather non-eventful hurricane Earl, I realize that the summer is over, the evenings will soon begin to get darker earlier and horror of all horrors, as a teacher, I am about to be thrust…

Dr. Barbara Downes – Cancer Prevention News You Can Use

August 18, 2010 By: Barbara Downes

I just learned of yet another seriously healthy reason to workout and eat smart! Research is showing that many cancerous tumor cells are loaded with, you guessed it, fat. Realize that my statement over-simplifies the concept and the research as well as there therapeutic implications of the findings, but it makes some sense to me…

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Heart Smart Part II

March 12, 2010 By: Barbara Downes

Heart Smart:  Shifting Pressure Factors Last time we discussed the heart’s ability to completely relax between heart beats. During this vital relaxation the heart has time to feed itself oxygen rich blood to keep each and every heart muscle fiber healthy, ready and fully contractible. There are several ways to enable the heart to rest…