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Which Came First…the Habit or the Goal?

February 18, 2012 By: Ron "Commish" Swanson

Last year my golf game was really disappointing. All winter I worked to stay in shape and condition my legs for a great year of chasing the elusive spheroid. What did it get me? Nada, nothing, except a large tab at the nineteenth hole. The only glimmer of hope was my putting. Then came August…

Road to 100 Fit Tip #59: What You Should Never Eat After Exercising

July 29, 2010 By: Victor Brick

Are you your own worst enemy? Do you completely negate the positive affects of your workout by what you eat within the first two hours after completing your workout? HGH Magazine states that eating sugar within 2 hours of exercising will dramatically impair your production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Among other things, HGH is…

Quinn Collins – Making the Most Out of Your Lunch Workout Routine

July 7, 2010 By: Blogger

I rarely put in a lunchtime workout, mainly because I work straight through lunch, but they certainly come in handy when you’ve got evening plans. There are a bajillion excuses not to utilize your lunch hour for a workout – “I’ll get too hot,” “I won’t have time to get ready again,” “It’s not long…

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