Brick Bodies Guest Policy
  1. We reserve the right to deny entry to any guests who are not in good standing with Brick Bodies.
  2. Guests may only visit any Brick Bodies/Lynne Brick’s location once every 30 days.
  3. Guests must be at least 18 years old unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  4. Photo ID required for all guests.
*** Other restrictions may apply
Brick Bodies Code of Conduct 
In order to provide a comfortable experience for your fellow members, please observe the following policies:
 1. Talking on a Cell Phone is strictly limited to the lobby.
  • ”Selfies” are permitted in the exercise areas, but it is prohibited to photograph others without their consent.
  • Cell phone usage of any kind (including talking and texting) and photography of any kind (including “selfies”) is NEVER permitted in the locker rooms, saunas, or steam rooms.
2. Do not leave belongings on the cardio floor — please use the lockers and cubbies provided.
3. Re-rack weights
4. Wipe down equipment after use with cleaner and towels provided.
5. Access to the Basketball court is for members only. Guests are prohibited from participating.
6. No Guests are allowed access after 9pm Mon-Fri, and 6pm Sat & Sun.
7. Wear only proper exercise attire –
  1. Proper Athletic shoes required; No boots and No open-toe shoes.
  2. No jeans allowed.
  3. Exercise attire must be clean/laundered.
  4. Exercise attire must not have inappropriate language or images.
8. No shoes and socks allowed in the Sauna or Steam Room.
9. Disrespecting our staff and/or members or disruptive behavior such as fighting, profanity, and abuse of equipment will not be tolerated
10. Practice proper hygiene.
  • Apply deodorant prior to workout out.
  • Refrain from using colognes and perfumes until after your workout.
11. No Children under 12 allowed in the locker rooms.
  • During family swim, children under 12 allowed with parent.
  • No children of opposite sex allowed at any time.
Failure to abide by the Brick Bodies Code of Conduct or any Club Rules can/may/will result in disciplinary action up to and including membership suspension or termination. 
Club Policies can be found at