Temporary Club Closure

Effective Monday, March 16th at 5pm Until Further Notice

In response to Governor Hogan’s mandated containment effort in Maryland, Brick Bodies/ Lynne Brick’s locations were temporarily closed effective 5pm, March 16th until further notice.   

You will not be billed for your dues while the clubs are closed. Billing will resume once facilities reopen.  

We continue to monitor the situation closely and will reopen as soon as permitted. Your health and well being is our top priority. We look forward to seeing you back in the club soon! 

This web page was last updated May 26, 2020.

Keeping You Safe

Increased Cleaning Protocols

To ensure the healthy and safety of our members, we have increased our cleaning protocols as well as established a ‘Clean Team’ who will disinfect high traffic areas throughout the day. While we have always used hospital grade cleaning solutions, we have implemented additional technology for further protection. To learn more about the products we are using, view our FAQ.

Physical Distance Guidelines

We are closely following instructions and recommendations issued by public health authorities and government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) surrounding physical distancing. All locations have floor adhesives that are 6 feet apart which indicate where to stand or workout.

To learn more about the protocols we have in place, view our FAQ.

Be on the Lookout

We’ve placed extra signage around our clubs with new guidelines to help our members remain safe. Please be aware of the changes before you arrive and keep them in mind for the duration of your workout.

We’ve prepared a brief video to help you know what to expect when you return to the club. Click above to watch the video tour.

COVID-19 Resources

For more information regarding COVID-19 disease prevention and health promotion, please refer to recommendations from the CDC and WHO.

We ask that anyone experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms does not come to the club to keep our members and team safe. To access COVID-19 Maryland resources or information on FREE testing centers, visit https://www.baltimorecountymd.gov/News/coronavirus.html.

Club Usage Updates

Reserve Your Place

When we reopen, Brick Bodies will be required to limit the capacity of our facilities to ensure the safety of our members and compliance with local/state mandates for re-opening.

But don’t worry, our new reservation system ensures that you get the workout time you need!

What You Need to Know:

  • To make your reservation, visit www.brickbodies.com/reserve
  • Reservations are for 90-minute time blocks 
  • They can be made up to 7 days in advance 
  • 15-minute intermissions are scheduled between each time block to allow for cleaning of high traffic areas
  • Only 1 reservation is required for the time block, even if you choose to do more than one activity
  • Group Exercise reservations are now required – they allow you to workout in the club before/ after your class reservation within your reserved time block

Personal Training

Scheduling Your Session: Clients will schedule their sessions directly with their Personal Trainers. Clients do NOT need to book additional club usage time in order to use the club during the same reservation block as your scheduled training session.

Virtual Training: We are offering Virtual Training options for anyone who wishes to continue working out from home. Click HERE to learn more.

Required Disinfecting of Equipment After Session: Trainers will remind clients of their responsibility to disinfect all equipment after use.

Group Exercise 

Modified Schedules and Capacity: Classes will operate on a modified schedule and with capacity limitations.

Biking Studio Changes: A number of bikes will be removed or made unavailable to ensure safe distancing.

Required Disinfecting of Equipment After Class: Instructors will remind members of their responsibility to disinfect all equipment after class.

Some Accessories No Longer Available: For health and safety, some items such as mats, yoga blocks, blankets and bolsters have been removed from fitness studios. Members are welcome to bring their own equipment during this time.

Team Training

Virtual Training: Team Training is temporarily unavailable in club. We are offering Virtual Team Training classes for anyone who wishes to continue working out from home. Click HERE to learn more.

Cardio & Strength Equipment

We will reduce the number of equipment available for use to maintain physical distancing. Select equipment will be clearly marked to show it is not available. Members will be required to disinfect all touchpoints after use.


HydroMassage: HydroMassage is available at Padonia, Reisterstown, and Belvedere Square. Members are required to disinfect lounges and all touchpoints after use.

Rapid Tension Relief: Due to health and safety, rapid tension relief  is temporarily unavailable.

What You Need to Know

Locker Rooms 

Safe Distancing at Counters: To maintain physical distancing, very other sink will be marked as unavailable.

Lockers: Members can access lockers but must practice safe distancing, and wait if someone is using a locker near theirs. Members are expected to disinfect their lockers, including the combination lock after each use. Disinfectant wipes are provided in dispensers.

Aquatics and Basketball

The Aquatic Center is temporarily unavailable. Basketball is also temporarily unavailable. As government regulations change, we will bring these amenities back to you as soon as it is safe to do so.

Little Bricks

Little Bricks is temporarily unavailable. Our priority is the health and safety of your children and so we will reopen Little Bricks when we deem it is safe to do so.

Amenities Temporarily Unavailable

The following amenities are temporarily not available. We appreciate your understanding as we do everything we can to maintain a safe environment for our members.

  • Towel Service
  • Showers, Steam Room and Saunas
  • Aquatics
  • Little Brick’s Child Care
  • Basketball
  • Water Fountains: For health precautions, drinking fountains will not be available. Only the bottle filling station will be available, so please bring your own water bottle

Other Workout Resources

Virtual Studio

We understand members may wish to continue working out from home during our first phase of opening. With Brick Bodies Virtual Studio, you gain access to a library of On Demand workouts including: HIIT (high intensity interval training), Yoga, Strength, and Core. This library grows daily to give you fresh workouts and keep you motivated. Click here to learn more.

Online Workout Resources 

Brick Bodies and Lynne Brick’s are committed to your health and wellbeing.

We want to help you to stay active! One of the best ways to deal with the stress and uncertainty is to keep movin. To support our community during this challenging time, we also free workouts on our Facebook and Instagram pages and from Les Mills on Demand.

Click HERE to view our workout resources.

COVID-19 Health FAQ

What are you doing to ensure my safety?

The health and safety of our members and team members are of our utmost concern and priorityWe are adhering to all physical distancing requirements as mandated by the Maryland state government. In addition, all team members are required to wear masks during their shifts. We are using hospital grade cleaning products to clean and disinfect the club throughout the day. In addition, we have increased the number of disinfectant stations and touch free hand sanitizing stations throughout the club. Our clubs will be closed for 15-minute intermissions throughout the day to disinfect hightraffic areas and maintain facility capacity restrictions.  

How do I reserve my workout?

This link will take you to a schedule of all available workout sessions. Once you find a session that’s convenient for you, you’ll select the “Reserve” button on the desired session. You will then be prompted to either log into your MindBody Account or create a new accountconfirm your reservation date and time and you’re all set!

Why do I need to reserve my club time online?

At this time, Brick Bodies is required to limit the capacity of our facilities to ensure the safety of our members and compliance with local/state mandates for re-opening. Allowing members to make reservations ensures that when you arrive, you’re able to workout. Reservations are for 90 minute blocks so you are able to get in a full workout. They can be made up to 7 days in advance. 

Why are you closing for 15 minutes during the reservation blocks?

We are closing for 15 minutes after each reservation block has been completed for the following reasons. First, to ensure all members in the club have left so we can adhere to government mandated capacity restrictions for the following reservation block. Second, to give associates uninterrupted time to disinfect the facility and club equipment prior to the start of the next reservation block. As you understand, cleaning and disinfecting are vital components of our club being safe for use. 

Why is there a penalty fee if I do not show up for my reservation?

Due to limited capacity in both classes and general club usage, we ask that you cancel with as much notice as possible to allow access to fellow members.  Reservations that are not canceled within 8 hours or used will be subject to a $15 penalty fee. Please alert the club if something arises at the last moment. This will allow us to offer the class to a member on the waitlist.  

Why are there no towels, yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, mints or coffee?

During our initial phase of reopening we have removed all soft-surface equipment in addition to amenities that can potentially spread the COVID-19. We are re-evaluating these for our next phase of reopening. We encourage you to bring in your own yoga mat and towel during this time. 

Will the Team Training classes be available in the clubs when we reopen?

During the first phase of reopening we will continue to offer our Team Training classes through Zoom in order to allow the great participation we’ve seen through the closure to continue.  As capacity restrictions are eased and/or lifted, we will resume holding these classes in the clubs. 

Can I use the studios when class is not in session?

Yes however, members are expected to disinfect all touch points after using this space.

Why can I only use certain cardio equipment?

The state of Maryland has mandated a six-feet physical distancing requirement to ensure our health and safety. We have measured the width of our treadmills, recumbent bikes, arc machines, stair masters and ellipticals and certain cardio equipment has been closed to follow this policy. 

Can I bring a guest?

Due to limited capacity, we have restricted our guest policy to one day guest passes for local year-round residents 24 years or older.  Only children of current members that are home from college are eligible to for short term summer memberships.  All guests must have an appointment set with a Membership Counselor prior to coming into any location. 

Why is the Aquatics Center closed?

Due to the inability to safely wear personal protective equipment while swimming, we do not want to risk increasing the exposure potential for our members or team members. Wplan to reopen the pools once it is safe to do so.  

Why is Little Bricks closed?

It is our intention to keep everyone healthy and safe when visiting our clubs, which means adhering to strict physical distancing and immediate disinfecting of all items touched. Unfortunately, these precautions would prevent us from being able to safely offer the environment of learning, socialization, creativity and engagement that we pride ourselves on. We plan to reopen Little Bricks once it is safe to do so. 

Can I still purchase Defiance Fuel water in the club?

Yes! However, keeping the safety of our team members in mind, we will not be accepting cash payments.