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What is InBody?

InBody is a non-invasive body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, and water on an InBody Result Sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Body Composition?

Body composition tells us what our total body weight is comprised of by assessing the percentages of fat, bone, muscle and water.

Why should I care about my body composition?

If you are serious in any way about managing your weight and/or overall quality of life, body composition allows us to better understand what we are “made of” and is one of the best indicators of overall health. Without knowing what you are made of, you can only guess at how much muscle and fat you actually have. Guessing leads to frustration!

Why do I need to differentiate between muscle and fat?

A healthy balance between fat and muscle is vital for health and wellness throughout life. Scientific evidence shows that a healthy body composition will increase your lifespan; reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, insulin resistance, etc.; increase energy levels, and improve self-esteem.

What is InBody?

InBody is a non-invasive body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, and water on an InBody Result Sheet.

How much does the InBody test cost?


  • Individual Test – $25
  • 5 Pack – $100
  • Auto-Renew (1 test per month) – $18/month billed on the 1st of every month
  • One test per month included at no additional charge for:
    • Elite Memberships
    • Personal Training Auto-Renew Packages (minimum 2x/week)
    • 10 Pack of personal training


    • Individual Test – $35
    • 5 Pack – $150
    • Auto-Renew (1 test per month) – $28/month

How often should I do it?

It is recommended that you test every 4-6 weeks.

Do I need to schedule an appointment in advance?

Yes. You are encouraged to schedule your test in advance to avoid potential delays. Scheduling can be done at the service desk or with your trainer.

Are there height, weight or age restrictions for the InBody test?

  • Height range: 3 feet 1.4 inches – 7 feet 2.6 inches
  • Weight range: 22lbs – 551lbs
  • Age range: 3 years to 99 years

How long does it take to perform a test?

The first time you test, it will take approximately 60 seconds to complete the process. That includes entering your profile information such as name, age and gender. All subsequent tests will take approximately 20 seconds to complete.

What do I need to know before I test?

Before each test, you should:

  • Use the bathroom
  • Maintain the same testing conditions as your first test (approximate time of day, similar clothing, etc.)
  • Use an InBody tissue to wipe down feet, hands and electrodes
  • Avoid eating or wait two hours after a meal

Avoid testing if before the test you:

  • Exercised strenuously
  • Used a sauna or steam room
  • Consumed diuretics such as caffeine, alcohol, and medication
  • Have a fever, cold or chill

What factors can affect the accuracy of my test results?

Changes in body composition reflect body status, which may be affected by factors such as disease, nutrition, hydration, and medication. Accessories such as jewelry may interfere with the electrical conductivity. Improper posture will also affect test results.
*It is recommended to maintain the same testing conditions from test to test to produce high data reproducibility and comparability.

Will someone be able to explain my results to me?

Yes! A certified trainer will conduct the test and be available to explain your results. Follow up consultations will also be available to you, free of charge, to discuss programming options based on the InBody results to help ensure you reach your goals.

Who is not recommended to take an InBody test?

People with artificial electrical implants such as a defibrillator or pacemaker should not be tested.

Women who are on their menstrual cycle may not obtain accurate results due to subtle changes in their hydration and body water levels.

Women who are pregnant should discuss with their doctor prior to testing.

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