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The path to a quick and successful recovery doesn’t have to wait until after treatment. Brick Bodies is proud to provide Pre and Post Operative Conditioning packages, critical to achieving a successful recovery, to the patients of MedStar Health Orthopedic and Physical Therapy services.

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Basic Essentials

$150 (One on One)

Basic Essentials provides you with a 4 week, full access membership to Brick Bodies Padonia and includes three (3) 30 minute personal training sessions.

Back On Track

$300 (One on One)

Once per week, your trainer will take you through a 30 minute session complete with total body exercises that will increase range of motion, strength, and stability, with a focus on the injured/repaired joint.

Game Ready

$600 (One on One)

Enjoy the same program as the Back on Track package, but on a twice per week schedule. This will allow for greater results in less time.