Brick Bodies Rotunda Newsletter

Wellness Workouts

woman using TRX training pulley equipment to strengthen back and arms at gym with brick bodies mask

Individual Wellness Workouts

We are providing the opportunity for individuals to use Studio One for self-care and wellness through virtual workouts. Individuals must make sure to follow the safe distancing guidelines by standing on the spots marked on the floor for individual exercise. No more than 9 individuals can be in the room at any time. 

Click HERE to view the Wellness Workout Schedules.

Specialty Programs at Padonia

FREE Unbreakable Habits Workshop

Date: January 16th

Time: 9-10:30am.

Location: Brick Bodies Padonia

Motivation is fleeting, but habits are hardwired!

Learn how habits are formed, and how to create a positive feedback loop to start and maintain habits which serve your goals in 2021, while minimizing those which don’t.

Click HERE to register. Unbreakable Habits Workshop is available in person at Brick Bodies Padonia or virtual via Zoom. You will be emailed the Zoom link upon registration.

Brick Bodies Exclusives

inbody composition device provided by padonia brick bodies gym

See What You Are Made Of With InBody

Scale weight alone can be misleading when used as an indicator of health. In less than 60 seconds, InBody not only examines the composition of your body, but also reveals percentage of body fat, muscle distribution and body water balance; information you need to reach your fitness goals efficiently and effectively! See a Personal Trainer to schedule your fitness assessment Click HERE to learn more.