Brick Bodies Mask Policy

The Brick Bodies Mask Policy has been updated and adapted directly from the “State of Maryland Best Practices for Fitness Centers” document and the “Baltimore County 7-23-20 Interpretive Guidance” document: 

  • Members should always wear face coverings in the club when not actively engaged in exercise. This includes when you enter or exit the club, when you interact with others, and when you are walking about the club.
  • When exercising, members are encouraged to wear face coverings if able to do so safely. A face covering should be worn when engaging in non-vigorous exercise.
  • If wearing a face covering safely is not possible due to vigorous exercise, members should increase the distance between themselves and other members as much as possible.
  • For simplicity, vigorous exercise includes all group fitness classes and all cardio equipment. It also includes high intensity interval training, and such strenuous activities as heavy Olympic lifting or pushing a weighted sled back and forth on the turf.
  • If you remove your mask to exercise, you must put it back on between sets. You must also wear it to walk anywhere in the club, including to get equipment, fill your water bottle, talk to a friend, or use the locker room.
  • This policy must be followed for the safety of everyone. If a member of the Brick Bodies team, or even another member, asks you to adhere to the policy, it is not acceptable to react in an angry or disrespectful manner. If you feel you are being asked to do something outside of this policy, please remain respectful and address your concern with management. 

We will update you if the local government makes any changes that affect our mask policy.

More Details on the Brick Bodies Mask Policy Below: 

It is not okay to simply ditch your mask once you enter the club. Even if you remove it while actively engaged in exercise, you should always keep your mask with you and wear it when moving about the club. 

  • Classes and Cardio: If you do not feel you can safely wear a mask while participating in a class or using cardio equipment due to the intensity of your exercise, you may remove it for the duration of the workout as long as you remain safely distanced from others. When you are finished exercising, you must put the mask back on to walk through the club. 
  • Free Weights and Pin Loaded: If you do not feel you can safely wear a mask while lifting weights due to the intensity of your workout, you may remove it while actively performing the lift and as long as you remain safely distanced from others. You must put your mask back on between sets. This applies whether you are walking about and talking to others, or even if you remain seated alone. Your mask must be worn when retrieving equipment or getting water. 
  • Working with a Personal Trainer: Your trainer must always wear a mask. You must wear a mask when walking through the club and interacting with your trainer and others. If you do not feel you can safely wear a mask while engaged in vigorous activity directed by your trainer, you may remove it as long as you remain safely distanced from others. Please slip your mask back on between sets and if you need to retrieve equipment or get water during your session. And of course, please put your mask back on after your session when you walk through the club. 
  • Aquatics: You must wear a mask at all times before entering the pool and after exiting the pool. A mask does not need to be worn while in the pool. A disinfected plastic bin will be provided to hold you mask while you swim.  
  • Stretching Area: activities in the stretching area are NOT considered vigorous, so please wear a mask while stretching. If you happen to engage in vigorous exercise in this area requiring you to remove your mask, please make sure you are safely distanced from others and please put your mask on between sets.  
  • Locker Rooms: For the safety of others, you must wear your mask in the locker rooms. You may obviously remove your mask in the shower. You may also remove your mask while standing at a sink if you are brushing your teeth or shaving. Please wear your mask at all other times in the locker room.  

We hope the day will soon arrive when health experts announce masks will no longer be required. Until that time, members must adhere to the Brick Bodies mask policy in order to protect themselves and others in the club. We believe it is the right thing to do because the safety of our members and our team is our top priority. Members who will not adhere to the policy or who behave in a disrespectful manner toward our staff will risk having their membership suspended or revoked. 

Brick Bodies Guest Policy*

  1. We reserve the right to deny entry to any guests who are not in good standing with Brick Bodies.
  2. Guests are restricted to one visit every 30 days with a free pass. However, guests may visit as often as they would like upon paying applicable guest fees.
  3. Guests must be at least 18 years old unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  4. Photo ID required for all guests.
  5. No Guests are allowed access between 9pm – 5am Monday-Friday and after 6pm Saturday & Sunday (hours vary by club).
  6. Access to the Basketball court is for MEMBERS ONLY. Guests are prohibited from participating.
  7. All guests must follow the Brick Bodies Code of Conduct.

*Other restrictions may apply

Brick Bodies Membership Agreement Amendment

By using the club after June 1, 2020 you are agreeing to the amendment to your Brick Bodies Membership Agreement. Click HERE to view the amendment.

Brick Bodies Code of Conduct

In order to provide a comfortable experience in the club, all members and guests must please observe the following policies: 

  1. Talking on a Cell Phone is strictly limited to the lobby.
  • ”Selfies” are permitted in the exercise areas, but in accordance with Maryland state law, it is prohibited to photograph, take video, or record the voice of another person without their full knowledge and consent.  
  • Cell phone usage of any kind (including talking, texting and playing music) and photography, video, or voice recording of any kind (including “selfies”) is NEVER permitted in the locker rooms, saunas, or steam rooms. 
  1. Do not leave belongings such as gym bags on the floor anywhere in the club. Please use the lockers and cubbies provided.
  2. Re-rack weights after use.
  3. Wipe down equipment after use with cleaner and towels provided.
  4. Guest Policies
  • Access to the Basketball court is for MEMBERS ONLY. Guests are prohibited from participating. NOTE: MEMBERS CAN/MAY/WILL HAVE MEMBERSHIP REVOKED IF CAUGHT SNEAKING GUESTS INTO BASKETBALL AREA. 
  • No Guests are allowed access between 9pm – 5am Monday-Friday and after 6pm Saturday & Sunday (hours vary by club). 
  1. Wear only proper exercise attire:
  • Proper Athletic shoes required; No boots and No open-toe shoes. 
  • No jeans allowed. 
  • Exercise attire must be clean/laundered. 
  • Exercise attire must not have inappropriate language or images. 
  1. No shoes and socks allowed in the Sauna or Steam Room.
  2. The following will not be tolerated, and can/may/will lead to suspension or termination of membership:  
  • Disrespecting our staff and/or members. 
  • Disruptive behavior of any kind, including fighting, profanity, and abuse of equipment. 
  • Attempting to photograph, take video, or record the voice of another person without their full knowledge and consent.  
  1. Practice proper hygiene.
  • Apply deodorant prior to workout. 
  • Refrain from using colognes and perfumes until after your workout. 
  1. No children under the age of 12 allowed in the locker rooms. 
  • During Family Swim, children under the age of 12 are allowed with a parent/guardian. 
  • No children of the opposite gender are allowed at any time.

 Failure to abide by the Brick Bodies Code of Conduct or any club rules or policies can/may/will result in disciplinary action up to and including membership suspension or termination.

Brick Bodies Code of Conduct Addendum

In order to provide the safest and most comfortable experience within our clubs, all members must observe and adhere to the following policies. When appropriate, we will update this information to allow for adherence to government mandates and current CDC regulations.  

  1. While entering, exiting, and circulating the club, you are expected to maintain a 6-foot, or two arms’ length, distance between yourself and others.  
  2. If the government mandates masks must be worn inside the club, then you will be required to adhere to wearing a mask covering the mouth and nose while in the club. 
  3. You are expected to disinfect (using provided wet disinfecting wipes) every surface your body has contacted, including handles, benches, balls, weights, and mats. If utilizing a locker, wipe the inside and the lock (including combination dial).  
  4. For the safety of all, you should not visit the club if you are sick. Especially if you have a temperature of 100.4 or above. 
  5. While the reservation system is still in place, you will be expected to allow yourself enough time to work out, disinfect the equipment (post use), gather personal items, and exit promptly at the conclusion of your 90-minute time frame. 

 Failure to abide by the Brick Bodies Code of Conduct Addendum or any club rules or policies can/may/will result in disciplinary action up to and including membership suspension or termination.