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I have enrolled in a program of physical activity by Brick Bodies Fitness Services, Inc.  I hereby affirm that I am in good physical condition and do not suffer disability which would prevent or limit my participation in the above named program.

In consideration of my participation in the group wellness classes offered by Brick Bodies Fitness Services, Inc., its employees and instructors (independent contractors) from any claims, demands and causes of action arising from my participation in the program named above.

I fully understand that I may injure myself as a result of my participation in the Brick Bodies Fitness Services, Inc. group wellness classes and I hereby release Brick Bodies Fitness Services, Inc. and its employees and group wellness instructors (independent contractors) from any joint sprains, broken bones, shin splints, heat exhaustion, foot/knee/lower back injuries and any other illness, soreness or injury however caused occurring during or after my participation in the wellness programs.


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44 reviews for BCPS Group Exercise Classes

  1. Lisa Beck

    Camilla S. is a great instructor! So happy she will be available to teach our class!

  2. Cindy Beard

    Great exercise classes right at our school!

  3. Erin Ledford

    This is an awesome opportunity!

  4. Halene Vass

    This is a wonderful program for busy teachers. The classes are fun and a great workout. Amazing price!!

  5. Shannon Stewart

    Great way to get fit with your friends. Close proximity to work and engaging instructors.

  6. Dana Levitt

    I attended the last class –I believe it was Tai Chi-not sure of the spelling. The instructor was very knowledgeable. Great class!

  7. Amy roemer

    very good

  8. Michelle K Rodriguez

    Our group classes have been great so far!

  9. Paula Doll


  10. Leslie vanHooser

    Very good

  11. Monica

    It’s good

  12. Michelle K Rodriguez

    Classes have been great so far!

  13. Sheila Ziegler

    Love that i can stay at work and right after school get a work out in! Kim is great!

  14. Rosalyn Seiden

    I enjoy the class!

  15. Lisa Westerman


  16. Leanna Johnsen

    Love it!

  17. Lisa Westerman


  18. Michael Barton

    Having participated in the first 4 of 16 classes in this series, I find the instructors to be professional, respectful, personable, and extremely qualified. Each of the class sessions was challenging and motivating, and easily adaptable to any participant, no matter the current levels of fitness or ability.

  19. Chris Ratych

    Love the class

  20. Amy Rhein

    Body Flow with Heidi was a great class.

  21. Fifi Kutson

    it is great that the program comes to schools.,

  22. Chris Ratych

    great idea, great class

  23. Ann

    so far so good

  24. Chris Ratych

    great class, great Idea

  25. chris

    great class

  26. Markie Powers


  27. Hilary Lutwyche (verified owner)

    I appreciate our Yoga class so much…it is just what I need! Nothing beats having it right here in the building. I pick up my mat, walk along the hallway, and get some high-quality exercise so easily. This is a great thing Brick Bodies does for teachers. Our instructor is lovely, and I leave feeling wonderful every week.

  28. Ruth Arenas (verified owner)

    Melisa has been an excellent instructor, and I loved the convenience of having class right after work (and close to my school!).

  29. wendy gibson

    Excellent program!

  30. Teresa E McGuire

    Looking forward to the class.

  31. Jonghee Cha


  32. carol (verified owner)

    Did this last year, it was a great work out and we loved Maribeth!

  33. Kelly Sacks


  34. Hugh Kearney (verified owner)

    This was my first yoga class and I loved it. The instructor, Melisa was vey encouraging and supportive. I would and do recommend this class to my colleagues.

  35. Hugh Kearney (verified owner)

    I love the Yoga class and the instruction is very rprofessional and very supportive. i would strongly recommend this class to all my colleagues.

  36. Chelsea Blair

    I love getting to work out and team build at the same time. I always feel so much more relaxed when I go home after a Body Flow class.

  37. Elaine Jocuns

    This class was a great workout for all parts of the body!
    I appreciated how the instructor announced what muscles were being targeted throughout the session.
    Grateful for the instructor’s expertise and positive energy!

  38. Elaine Jocuns


  39. Dena (verified owner)

    Great class

  40. Barbara Sipe (verified owner)

    did Body Combat last year and loved it. Wish one was being held in the Perry Hall area.

  41. Hugh Kearney (verified owner)

    The Yoga class is outstanding. My only reservation is its location. The studio area is a multi-purpose room that is frequently sandy. I would like that some consideration be given to a change of venue, say The Carver Center.

  42. Kristin

    Great instructors

  43. Bob

    Great workouts. Very knowledgeable instructor.

  44. LS

    Great class

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