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The HydroMassage Recovery Zone is an amenity that provides members with enhanced performance and relaxation. Upgrade your membership to a Signature Membership for only $27.99 bi-weekly and enjoy the benefits of unlimited HydroMassage.

Not only does HydroMassage feel great, it also provides a post workout recovery that helps your body’s response to training.

HydroMassage Benefits Include:

  • Post-workout cool-down
  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • Relief for muscle soreness and tension
  • A 10-minute mini-vacation you can enjoy every time you visit the club!

Additionally, with a Signature Membership you’ll have access to all Brick Bodies/Lynne Brick’s locations plus free guest privileges.* 

Upgrade today and start enjoying the many benefits of our new HydroMassage Recovery Zone!

*Some restrictions may apply.

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