First Step is a cardio and strength training program that is designed to lay the foundations for fitness. This 5-week program meets twice per week with a Brick Bodies Fitness Professional and will educate you on safe and effective exercise technique, proper breathing mechanics, as well as injury prevention, all while improving how you look and feel! In addition, participants will gain valuable knowledge on how to successfully track and adjust their own fitness routine.

The program meets in groups of up to four participants for 30 minutes and includes an initial consultation with goal setting, as well as a final assessment that breaks down overall results achieved during the 5 weeks. First Step is the ideal program for anyone beginning an exercise program, stuck in a rut or looking for guidance, structure, and accountability with exercise.

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  • Explanation of the Sessions

    Your exercise sessions will involve progressive exercise levels regulated by a Brick Bodies “First Step” team member. The sessions may consist of any combination of cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, circuit interval training, flexibility or similar activities. These activities are designed to place a gradual increasing work load in the body and, therefore, improve the functioning. Although, no guarantee of improvements can be made. During and/or after the exercise session you may experience localized muscular soreness or slight fatigue. As the conditioning process continues with regular exercise, these discomforts should disappear.

    Cancellations/Expiration Dates

    I understand that I must attend two scheduled group sessions per week for the entire 5-week program. All “First Step” members will have 5-weeks from the start of the program to complete all sessions. Any sessions not used by the expiration date will not be honored. Please give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your scheduled group session. If you fail to give 24 hours notice on two separate occasions during your 5-week First Step program, Brick Bodies has the right to revoke your program without refund.