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What is Brick Bodies Now?

At Brick Bodies, we’re focused on helping you reach your fitness goals— no matter where you are. Brick Bodies Now provides anytime, anywhere access to on-demand and live-streamed classes including Les Mills and Zumba. The virtual platform showcases: 

  • Live Streamed Classes (including Les Mills and Zumba)
  • Mobility Sessions with Certified Personal Trainers
  • Two-Way Video Option – Coming Soon
  • On Demand Library with your favorite Brick Bodies Instructors
  • Leaderboard for All Live Streamed Classes

How to Sign Up

If you are not a current Brick Bodies member

  • To purchase a Brick Bodies Now membership, click HERE.

If you are a Brick Bodies Signature/Elite Member

  • Brick Bodies Now is included in all active Signature and Elite memberships. You will receive an activation code to the email address associated with your Brick Bodies membership upon becoming a member. 

If you are a Brick Bodies Performance Member

  • Performance members are encouraged to upgrade to a Signature membership if they would like access to Brick Bodies Now Click HERE to upgrade your membership.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, contact

Tell me more about the new live and on-demand class membership:

We have upgraded our platform to include live and on-demand multi-camera, in-studio classes designed specifically to provide an immersive in-studio experience at home. 

To access live or on-demand classes, you can purchase a Virtual Studio Membership or upgrade your current membership to Signature or EliteThen, you will be able to access content via All Signature and Elite members will receive an email with the link and code to activate their account. 

How do I sign up for a membership?

All Signature and Elite members have Brick Bodies Now included in their membership. Visit the club to upgrade your membership if you have a Performance membership and would like access. You can also purchase a Brick Bodies Now membershipas a standalone option at this link. 

After signing up, you’ll receive an email with instructions to set a password and log-in. You must use the email address associated with your Brick Bodies account to log in. 

Is there a limit to how many classes I can participate in virtually?

There is no limit! As a VirtualSignature or Elite member, you have access to all on-demand and live-streamed classes on

Is there any obligation or can I stop at any time?

Our standalone Virtual Membership is a 2month membership term (4 bi-weekly payments)Once the agreement term has been met you may cancel by providing a 15day notice and filling out the form at this link. 

What if I can’t remember my login credentials?

It happens to the best of us!  You may reset your password by navigating to the “Sign-in” page and selecting the “Forgot Password?” link under the sign in button. Use the email address you signed up with, and a password reset link will be sent to your email. 

What’s included in this membership?

Our entire library of on-demand videos is available to you for streaming 24/7. You’ll also have access to daily live-streamed classes, filmed in our club. You can re-watch classes, find new classes and/or pause classes as you see fit!  

Can I access the Brick Bodies Now through the app?

You can access Brick Bodies Now through the Brick Bodies Health Clubs app.  

Will the music and instructor's voice sound balanced during class?

Yes, we have worked with our technical team to balance instructor voice and music volume.

Will I be able to ask questions to the instructor post class if I have them?

We will soon be launching a feature that lets you chat with other participants and the instructor before and after class. Stay tuned for updates!

Will the instructors provide modifications?

Our instructors are trained to provide modifications and options during their classes. Soon we will have a chat feature that will enable you to reach out to the instructor before class. Stay tuned for updates!

What should I do if I notice problems with a live stream?

We work tirelessly to ensure that live classes happen without a hitch. However, nobody’s perfect! On rare occasion, issues can happen—a temporary outage at the studio, audio glitches… you name it! 

The first step is to check your WiFi connection. If the WiFi connection is stable, please email and provide details of the issue you are experiencing.  

What are the system requirements for watching video streams?

We support browser-based video playback on most computers and mobile devices.   

Simply log into on a browser of your choice (e.g. Chrome or Safari),  

click on the class you want to watch, and the video will start streaming! 

I’ve already signed the Guest Registration Form. Why do I need to sign it again?

We’ve partnered with a new company for our virtual platform that enables us to seamlessly livestream our classes. Classes are all streamed live and those that are eligible are available on-demand shortly thereafter. This is one of the classes that is streaming to our digital platform. Your signature on the form means you know that the class is being streamed. 

What if a class attendee does not want to be “on camera”?

  • If you are in club:  
    • Don’t worry! If you don’t wish to be in front of the camera, let the teacher know and they can place you in a spot where you won’t be in the shot. We also have floor adhesives that mark where to stand if you do not wish to be on camera. 
    • With the studio being dark, it is challenging to see members who are not in the front row of class reflected in the mirror in the virtual platform, as most viewers will focus on the instructor. 
    • This class was listed with LIVE in the title, and the details around the streaming service in our class description. Not all of our classes are streamed so if you would like not to participate, there are other class times that you can choose from.  
  • ​​If you are in the virtual platform
    • You have the option to turn off your camera while participating in live classes.