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What You Need To Know

Your Virtual Membership includes access to our Showcase, which is a library of recorded classes. All classes are found on Vimeo.

Showcases are password protected. The password will be changed each month. You’ll find the new password in a Virtual Studio Password email, which is sent to Virtual Studio Members on the first Friday of every month.   

The link to access our Showcase stays the same. You may even want to bookmark the web page for easy access!  

Learn more about accessing this week’s password in our FAQ below.

Where to Find Virtual Classes

Classes on Demand

Brick Bodies Virtual Studio provides On Demand classes to keep you moving towards your fitness goals. Gain access to a library of workouts includingHIIT (high intensity interval training), Yoga, Strength, and Core.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get the Password?

Following registration, you should have received an email with the password. If you did not, please email

Can I Share My Password?

No, please do not share your password. Your Virtual Membership dues go directly to supporting the Brick Bodies team.  

Why is my Password Not Working?

If your password isn’t working, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Make sure you are using this month’s case sensitive password.
  2. If you are still unable to access our account, please contact 

Can I Give a Workout to a Friend?

Brick Bodies is here to keep our community moving. If you’d like to share a workout with a friend, please copy and paste the link below to access our Free Sample. 

What is the Best Way to View Classes?

You can watch our classes on your computer, tablet, phone or smart/ Apple TV with a web browser. 

Phone/ TabletYou can either view classes in your browser or in the Vimeo app. If watching in the app, please use the links above on your device, rather than searching for Brick Bodies in the app. 

If using an Apple iOS device, please use the Safari browser. There are known issues with Chrome accessing Vimeo on an Apple device. 

TV: To view classes on your smart TV, or through an Apple TV/ Chromecast or similar device, you will need to stream classes through your phone/ tablet to your TV 

We are working on more ways for you to watch them directly on your TV and will let you know as soon as they are available.

Why are you Calling this a Beta Test?

Our team has been working hard to provide you with options to keep your body strong and your spirits lifted.  

Brick Bodies Virtual Studio is brand new, which means that we’re making improvements daily. Have a suggestion? E-mail We’re in this together! 

Common Issues

Unfortunately, there are factors outside of our control that may interrupt a seamless experience. Here are a few trouble shooting tips we’ve learned along the way. 

Wi-FI Speed: 

  • Your wi-fi connectivity speed; you may notice that your connectivity speed is slower than usual. This reduced speed is a result of our community all working, going to school and communicating over the internet.  
  • You can improve your internet speed by connecting your computer to an Ethernet cable (so it is no longer on wi-fi) if you have one available, or by asking family members or roommates to avoid streaming videos, playing games, and participating in other activities that take a great deal of bandwidth while you are taking classes. 

How Many Classes are on Vimeo?

Our Showcase of videos is constantly growing by several classes per day.   

Are Les Mills Classes Included in Brick Bodies Virtual Studio?

Due to music licensing regulation, Les Mills does not permit classes to be streamed through Brick Bodies Virtual Studio.