Five Exercises to Get You Fit [VIDEO]

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Video Transcription

Alright, here we go. We’re going to do 5 full exercises. The first thing we’re going to do is a burpee. Hold the bosu ball in from of you. Then, go down to the floor, kick your legs out, then bring them back, stand up, and press the bosu ball over your head. Now your heart rate will be up because you’re all excited.

So the second thing you want to do is a push-up. Get over the top of the ball, come down and up, nice and easy. Now you’re getting totally excited, right? Next, do some abs. Everyone wants to have a six pack so get back down again, into a plank with your knees going towards your opposite hands getting the twist in there and working on that core. Now you’re really excited and your heart rate’s going to want to do more.

Go ahead and do a body squat, get on top of the ball, get your balance, come down, come up nice and easy, work those legs. Now you’ll want to do an inverted push-up, get yourself set, down and up, nice and easy. You want to do each of these exercises 30 seconds at a time for two or three rounds to get a great workout.

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