How to Use Resistance Bands for a Unique Strength Training Workout [Video]

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Video Transcription

Today’s fit tip is going to focus on resistance bands. Now, the benefit of using resistance bands is, you can still incorporate your strength workout days without putting too much stress or pressure on any of your joints. So, the first exercise is going to be called “the rowboat”. The rowboat is going focus on your bicep, triceps, your back and your abs. You want to start by sitting on the mat. You also want to have a slight bend in your knees, toes pointing up, take that band and put it right underneath your feet, you want to put it about in the middle of your feet, cross that band over and make sure you have even tension on both sides of the straps. Now, have your hands facing the ceiling, lean your back backward, curl those elbows straight back, come forward, turn those hands down to the floor and bring those elbows straight back and work that triceps. One more time, hands up to the ceiling, lean back, curl those elbows back, come forward, hands to the ground and bring those elbows straight back.

The second exercise talk is going to work on your legs, specifically your quads and glutes. Also, you’re going to work on the reverse lunge. First thing you want to do is get your right foot on the band, have even tension on the straps, bring those straps all the way up and take that left leg back and have that left heel up. Keep your chest and back standing proud. You want to come straight down and up, down and up and keep that weight on the back leg. Then you’re going to want to switch to your left foot, once again full tension in those straps, bringing the right leg back and that right heel up, coming down and up, down and up.

The last exercise is going to be called a lower ab press. You will want to come to your mat, then sit down, and get that band right in the middle of the bottom of your feet. Be sure to maintain full tension, and lay back down, grab those handles, have your knees at 90 degrees. Your upper arms are laying by your side on the floor, and what you’re going to do is, take those legs, kick them straight out and slowly back in. Straight out and slowly back in. Go ahead and repeat this one more time, and make sure this is a nice slow in-control motion.

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