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Available Classes

Downtown Classes

  • 6:30am Xcelerate Your Progress w/Chris
  • 6:30am SPRINT to Your Goals w/Katie
  • 12:00pm Suspend the Ordinary (TRX) w/Mike
  • 12:15pm Release & Renew (BodyFlow) w/Jess
  • 12:30pm “Chains” for the Better (Brick Biking) w/Vicki
  • 12:30pm Ignite the Inferno w/Mike
  • 1:00pm “Wring in the New Year (Core) w/Vicki
  • 5:30pm 2018 Dance Party (Zumba) w/Tracy
  • 5:45pm Xcelerate Your Progress w/Chris
  • 6:15pm “Chains” for the Better (Brick Biking) w/Rachael
  • 6:30pm Release & Renew (Vinyasa Yoga) w/Tracy

Padonia Classes

  • 6am “Chains” for the Better (Brick Biking) Pam M.
  • 6:00am Xcelerate Your Progress
  • 7:10am “Wring” in the New Year (CXWorx) Pam M.
  • 8:15am Rep Effect v. 2018 (Body Pump) Diana
  • 8:30am “Chains” for the Better (Brick Biking) Pam
  • 8:30am Ignite the Inferno
  • 8:30am Transform Your Core (Mat Pilates) Sara
  • 9:30am Xcelerate Your Progress
  • 9:35am Aqua “Earn The” BURN (45 min) Sara
  • 9:30am BODYSTEP into 2018! Jacob
  • 9:45am “Rise Up” Brick Biking Diana
  • 10:30am “Good Vibrations” Water Works (Aqua Arthritis) Cathe
  • 10:30am Rep Effect v. 2018 (Body Pump) Michele
  • 11:00am Brand New Booty (Barre)
  • 12:00pm Xcelerate Your Progress
  • 12:15pm Revolution Resolution (Bike Fusion) Dagmar
  • 1:00pm Release and Renew (Body Flow) Kelly
  • 4:30pm Rep Effect v. 2018 (Body Pump) Liz and Julie
  • 5:00pm Xcelerate Your Progress
  • 5:00pm Brand New Booty (Barre)
  • 5:30pm BODYSTEP into 2018! Deb
  • 6:00pm Release & Renew (Yoga) Dagmar
  • 6:15pm Revolution Resolutions (Bike Fusion) Joe B.
  • 6:30pm Kick Off 2018 (Brick Boxing) Sue
  • 6:45pm “Dance” like its 2018! (Zumba) Sandy
  • 7:15pm “Zen” ovation Yoga Dagmar

Reisterstown Classes

  • 8:30am “Chains” for the Better (Brick Biking) w/Kerri
  • 9am Who Will You BBB? w/ Jen
  • 9:35am Rep Effect v.2018 (BodyPump) w/Kerri
  • 9am Splash Dash (H2Run) w/ Pam
  • 10am Aqua Release and Renew (Aqua Flow) w/Melissa
  • 10:40am 2018 Dance Party (BodyJam) w/Toni
  • 12:30pm Suspend the Ordinary (TRX) w/ Camilla
  • 4:30pm Attack the New Year (Body Attack) w/Melissa
  • 5pm “Wring” in the New Year (CXWorx) w/Allison
  • 5:30pm Revive your Vive (BodyVive) w/Allison
  • 5:30pm and 6:15pm Release & Renew (Yoga) w/Donna
  • 6pm SPRINT to Your Goals w/Dawn
  • 6:30pm Dive into 2018 (Aqua Sculpt) w/Peggy
  • 6:35pm Kickoff 2018 (Kickboxing) w/Chris
  • 7:00pm Knock Out Goals (Boxing) w/Dawn
  • 7:00pm Suspend the Ordinary (TRX) w/Sam

LB Belvedere Square

  • 5:10am Suspend the Ordinary (TRX)
  • 5:45am “Chains” for the Better (RPM) w/Deb
  • 6am Brand New Booty (Barre) w/Ann Marie
  • 6am Ignite the Inferno w/Jill
  • 7:15am “Release & Renew” (Yoga) w/ Abir
  • 8:30am “Attack the New Year” (BodyAttack) w/Angel
  • 8:30am Brand New Booty (Barre) w/Stacey
  • 9:30am “Rep Effect v2018” (BodyPump) w/Devon
  • 9:45am Release & Renew (Transformational Yoga) w/ Meredith
  • 12pm Brand New Booty (Barre Quickie) w/Erika
  • 12pm Ignite the Inferno w/Bethany
  • 1:00pm “Sprint to your goals” (SPRINT) w/ Linda
  • 1:35pm “Wring” in the New Year (CXWORX) w/ Linda
  • 4:30pm “Rep Effect v 2018” (BodyPump) w/ Kelly L.
  • 5:30pm Ignite the Inferno w/Bethany
  • 5:30pm “Step into 2018” (BodyStep) w/ Kelly L.
  • 5:45pm Brand New Booty (Barre) w/Ann Marie
  • 6:30pm “Wring” in the New Year (CXWORX) w/ Kelly L.
  • 6:30pm “Release & Renew” (BodyFlow) w/ Rivka
  • 7:00pm Release & Renew (Transformational Yoga) w/ Susan
  • 7:05pm “Sprint to your goals” (SPRINT) w/ Natalia

LB Owings Mills Classes

  • 6:00am – Batman BodyCombat
  • 8:30am – The Flash – Brick Biking
  • 8:30am – Iron Man Step on Up
  • 9:30am – X-Men’s Danger Room (Building Brick Bodies)
  • 10:30am – Fantastic Flow
  • 10:30am – Weapon X Vive
  • 5:30pm – Jubilee WERQ
  • 6:00pm – Fantastic Flow
  • 6:30pm – Hulk Smash BodyPump

Rotunda Classes

  • 6am Chains for the Better RPM
  • 7am Release & Renew (Yoga)
  • 9am HIIT the New Year (MX4)
  • 9am Energize Your Soul Body Barre
  • 9am “Wring” in the New Year (CXWorx)
  • 9:30am SPRINT to Your Goals
  • 12:30pm Release & Renew (Transformational Yoga)
  • 5:30pm Kickoff 2018 (BodyCombat)
  • 5:30pm Release & Renew (BodyFlow)
  • 6pm “Wring” in the New Year (CXWorx)
  • 6pm SPRINT to Your Goals
  • 6:15pm HIIT the New Year (MX4)
  • 6:30pm Rep Effect v.2018
  • 6:45pm HIIT the New Year (MX4)

Class Descriptions

Tap/hover over each class name to see the description.

  • SPRINT to Your Goals
  • Attack the New Year (Body Attack)
  • Rep Effect v.2018 (BodyPump)
  • “Chains” for the Better (RPM & Brick Biking)
  • Step Into 2018 (BodyStep & Step)
  • Release & Renew (Yoga & Flow)
  • 2018 Dance Party (BodyJam & Zumba)
  • “Wring” in the New Year (Core)
  • Kickoff 2018 (BodyCombat & Kickboxing)
  • Brand New Booty (Barre)
  • Who Will You BBB? (Building Brick Bodies)
  • Xcelerate Your Progress
  • Suspend the Ordinary (TRX)
  • Ignite the Inferno
  • Splash Dash (H2Run)
  • Revive your Vive (BodyVive)
  • Aqua Release and Renew (Aqua Flow)
  • Aqua “Earn The” BURN
  • Knock Out Goals (Boxing)
  • HIIT the New Year (MX4)