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There is nothing more important for our youth today than social interaction and movement! Kids, on average, are spending 85% of their waking hours, sitting and in front of screens – now increased with virtual learning.

With Brick Bodies Youth Programs, kids will move, learn, socialize and stay safe through routine cleaning, social distancing and clearly marked areas of the floor for ensuring safe distancing practices.

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Why is Movement Important?

Students who are engaged in daily physical activities show increased motor fitness, better academic performance, and a boosted mood! At Brick Bodies, we believe exercise is medicine which is why we have designed programs dedicated to keeping your child(ren) moving.

Brick Bodies Youth Programs

Fitness FUNdamentals (Ages 6-8)

Fitness FUNdamentals is a 5-week youth based program that will focus on:
  • Getting kids moving
  • No only moving, but learning to move efficiently to prepare their bodies for lifelong health and sport
  • Playing games that will challenge their bodies and minds
  • Reconnecting with friends in a safe, physically distant environment
  • and most importantly, having FUN

Sessions Coming Soon

Fit Lab (Ages 9-11)

Fit Lab is a 5-week youth based program that will focus on:

  • Learning to use fitness equipment safely (kettlebells, jump ropes, dumbbells, agility ladders, sandbags, etc.)
  • Games, efforts and exercises that will challenge their minds and bodies while in a social environment with other youth their age
  • Learning to use basic fitness equipment safely to ensure injury prevention
  • and most importantly, having FUN

Sessions Coming Soon

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Youth Programs FAQ

In Brick Bodies Youth Programs, kids will move, learn, socialize and stay safe through routine cleaning and physical distancing practices. Check out our FAQ below for commonly asked questions.

How much do the Brick Bodies Youth Programs cost?

Full Program (9 classes)*

  • $105 for Members
  • $130 for Non-Members

*A waitlist will be available if there is an empty spot in class due to a cancellation or no-show. A spot in each class is not guaranteed if you are waitlisted.  $15 Drop-in fee will apply. Fill out the form above to learn more. 

Where do I bring my child for class?

Parents should park near to the far left side of the building next to the grey double doors. Parents should not use the front entrance to enter the club. You can check your child into the session at the basketball court entrance.

What protocols are being followed to ensure safety in a Covid-19 Environment?

  • Each session is limited to 10 participants.
  • Equipment will be cleaned, and placed at your child’s station prior to class beginning.
  • Spacing will be clearly marked for all games throughout the session.
  • Mask policy will be the same as for adults in the club- it will be expected that masks are worn while entering and exiting the gym, during breaks, in between games and to the bathrooms. Masks may be taken off if the coach gives permission, social distancing guidelines are being followed and the child is engaged in physical exercise at the moment.

What if my child needs to use the bathroom during the class?

If your child needs to use the restroom, the coach will call the Manager on Duty to come and pick your child up from the gym and walk them to the family restroom located near the pools. The Manager on Duty will accompany your child on their walk back to the gym as well.

Can I stay and watch my child participate?

Due to our current climate with Covid-19, parents will not be eligible to remain in the gym to watch their child participate. Members are welcome to drop their child off and use the facility during that time but are asked to keep their cell phones near by in case of emergency. Non-members are welcome to leave the grounds as long as they keep their cell phone close by in case of emergency.

If I am not a member, can I use the gym while my child is in class?

Parents who are not members are welcome to schedule a tour of the club with a membership counselor and take advantage of a single free trial session (for the next class) to try our facilities! Please call the club and ask to speak to membership to learn more!

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