Personal Training


As a Brick Bodies Personal Trainer, you will help deliver our brand promise by empowering your clients to overcome obstacles, achieve more, and inspire others to do the same.

As you begin your journey with us, you will follow an unparalleled process that empowers you through education designed to maximize your personal growth as well as the success of your clients.

Beyond your initial education, through the guidance of two dedicated managers, you will develop and refine personal training in the gym club environment. The education will focus on effective program design, critical thinking, practical application, and business management, to ensure your career as a fitness professional is as unlimited as the passion you bring to it.



Brick Bodies offers a variety of workshops for our trainers, led by subject matter experts with years of experience, to enhance the overall performance of our trainers and the ultimate success of our clients. Unlimited access to the ClubConnect fitness education platform, complete with hundreds of articles and CEC videos, all at no cost to the trainer.

Industry Conventions

Brick Bodies provides a variety of growth tools both in-person and online. Heavy discounts are available for all IDEA Fitness conventions. Fitness convention registrations are awarded to top performance leaders.

Compensation & Benefits

Aggressive compensation structure with a competitive benefits package including medical, dental, and retirement planning options. Over 200 paid hours of education through the Brick Bodies Fitness Academy and future opportunities for leadership advancement.

Career Pathway

Brick Bodies believes in providing clearly defined pathways for career growth and subscribes to the “promote from within” philosophy. A personal trainer who shows the ability to excel in our culture, while also demonstrating key leadership attributes and behaviors, will have ongoing opportunity for growth within our structure.

90 Day Introductory Period

80 hours of comprehensive hands-on practical training   Ongoing online and hands-on learning

Personal Trainer 1

20 hours of advanced coursework   Demonstrated readiness for a wide variety of clients

Personal Trainer 2

Continued professional development through internal continuing education. Progression toward specialization

Elite Trainer

Demonstrated proficiency in managing an expansive client base. Advanced credential or specialization Demonstrated proficiency in business development

Master Trainer

Proven commitment to excellence through superior service, professionalism, and program design. Mastery of training progressions for healthy through “high risk” clients