Little Bricks Childcare


Little Bricks provides a safe, interactive environment for youth under the supervision of our team.

The health and safety of your children is our #1 priority; therefore, we have implemented new protocols for Little Bricks. To review those protocols, please read the Little Bricks Safety FAQ.

Children laughing and coloring


Morning Sessions
Monday-Friday: 8am-1pm
Saturday: 7:45am-1pm
Sunday: 7:45am-12pm

Evening Sessions
Monday- Thursday: 4pm-8pm

Little Bricks at Brick Bodies Reisterstown is temporarily closed. Please continue to check the website for updates.


  • Secure Parent/Child Sign In and Sign Out
  • Play Maze
  • Kids Basketball Court at Padonia Location
  • TV with Kids’ Programs
  • Age Appropriate Video Games
  • Individual Crafts
  • Fun Toys For Kids Of All Ages

Children's basketball court


Can my infant come to Little Bricks?

Yes, infant care (ages 6 weeks to 12 months) is now available at Brick Bodies Padonia by reservation. Please call the club to make your reservation, (410) 252-5280.

Will I need to reserve my child’s time in Little Bricks?

Reservations are required for infants (ages 6 weeks to 12 months). Reservations are not required for children over 12 months.

Are there any time limits or other restrictions?

Little Bricks Childcare is currently only available at Brick Bodies Padonia.

Will children be required to wear facial coverings while in Little Bricks?

Effective 3/1/22 facial coverings are not required for Little Bricks.

Can my child complete virtual school in Little Bricks?

Children may bring their own personal devices and complete homework assignments in Little Bricks; however,  it is not recommended that school-aged children attend Little Bricks during school hours or when synchronous work is scheduled. Brick Bodies team members are not responsible for virtual schooling or homework completed in Little Bricks.

Who is permitted to drop off or pick up my child up from Little Bricks?

Only a parent or guardian is permitted to pick up or drop off a child at Little Bricks. For security purposes, should you drop off or pick up a child that is not legally yours, you will be required to provide our notarized Little Bricks Parental Consent form with authorization from the parent/ legal guardian.