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Available in the Recover Lounge at Brick Bodies Padonia in Timonium, your Infrared Sauna Suite includes a private sauna, Red Light Therapy, towel service and your own Vitamin C infused shower.  

Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas penetrate the skin and soft tissue – gently heating the body from the inside out.  

Your private suite also includes a Vitamin C infused shower which neutralizes the harmful effects of Chlorine while improving skin and hair health.   

You will also have the option to reserve a suite with Red Light therapy (RLT), a treatment that uses low wavelength red light to improve your skin’s appearance. 


  • Relaxation and improved mood 
  • Reduced inflammation  
  • Muscle recovery and joint relief 
  • Body detoxification 
  • Increased metabolism 

*Use of Recover services requires purchase of a separate Recover membership or purchase of pay-per-use sessions. Children ages 12 to 17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Must be 18 years of age for independent use. No long-term commitment required. Other restrictions may apply. 

What is Infrared?

Invisible infrared wavelengths are what makes the sun feel warm (while ultraviolet wavelengths are what makes it bright). Infrared waves increase thermal energy in the body. Infrared saunas do this without any of the harmful rays of sunlight.

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Located in the Recover Lounge at Brick Bodies Padonia, experience Infrared Sauna Suites in addition to a full range of services such as Compression and CryoLounges, dedicated to improving your physical and mental health.


Do I Have to Use Red Light Therapy During my Infrared Sauna Session?

The use of Red Light Therapy is optional. Please let a team member know if you would prefer not to use it, and they will show you how to easily turn it on or off.

Do I need to wear eye protection during Red Light Therapy?

Eye protection is not necessary. However, some individuals may find the lights uncomfortable and eyewear may be used as an option. When initially turning on the Red Light, your eyes will need time to adjust to the strong output so you may want to look away or close your eyes and open them again slowly so your eyes can adjust. It is not recommended to look directly into the LED’s.

If you prefer to wear protective eyewear, we have it available upon request, or you are welcome to bring your own.

What if I have concerns about photosensitivity?

If you are concerned about skin photosensitivity, the manufacturer recommends following these steps prior to beginning your Red Light Therapy:

Turn on the Red Light Therapy Tower and expose a small portion of your skin, such as your forearm or the back of your hand, for approximately 3 minutes while holding it 4 to 6 inches away from the unit. If there is any redness, discomfort or other adverse reaction, cease exposure.

It is important to note that some medications cause photosensitivity, so it is always best to check with your physician before using the Red Light Therapy if you are taking medications.

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

Clinical studies consistently show that Red Light Therapy can be safe and beneficial for everyone. However, if you have any doubts or concerns, it is always best to check with your healthcare provider.