recover at brick bodies padonia
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Recover at Brick Bodies Padonia

Step into the Recover lounge at Brick Bodies Padonia gym in Timonium and experience a full range of services dedicated to improving your physical and mental health. 

Relax and invest in your recovery in a spa inspired environment with thoughtful touches like cool scented lavender towels. 

To view and schedule appointments, use the Brick Bodies app, or sign into MyiClub using the “schedule” button below.

What services are offered?

The Recover lounge features Infrared Sauna Suites with Red Light Therapy and private Vitamin C infused showers, CryoLounge chairs with customizable hot and cold zones, and Therabody leg Compression utilizing Therasound Loungers and Therabody SmartGoggles. 

a man sits in an infrared sauna during a recovery session at a padonia gym

At its core, recovery supports blood flow, the elimination of metabolic waste (such as lactic acid), reduces soreness and helps prevent injury.  

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