Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training in the gym that moves you forward. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, rehab an injury, improve athletic performance, or just look and feel your best, Brick Bodies Personal Training will lead you to success. During your sessions, your nationally accredited certified personal trainer will consistently challenge you while producing results that reach far beyond the scale and mirror.

Set achievable goals

Personal training is a great fitness opportunity that assists in you achieving your health goals. In personal training sessions, the trainer will customize the workouts based on what you need to succeed.

Just the right amount of motivation

Trainers are excellent motivators. They know how to engage you during your workout and help push you appropriately to go above and beyond what you expected.

Reduce Injury

Working with a trainer will show you how to use the gym club equipment safely and what techniques to be mindful of to reduce injury and strain on your body. Personal training is customized to your fitness level to keep you safe in the club.

Woman lifting deadlift bar

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are equipped with a broad range of fitness knowledge that has prepared them to work with generally healthy clients looking for a wide range of results, ranging from weight loss to improving overall physical performance.

Personal trainer and woman squatting with slamball

Elite trainers

Elite trainers have multiple years of experience and specialize in various disciplines, including mobility, corrective exercise, sport specific conditioning, nutritional guidance, and more.

Master trainers

Master trainers have extensive experience and advanced skills that have prepared them to work with any client from the beginning exerciser through high-risk populations.  These trainers have typically chosen a specific focus and in many cases will act as a bridge between physical therapy and a return to normal activity to help clients fully rehabilitate an injury and prevent further injuries.

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