Brick Bodies Rotunda gym in Baltimore's Jeff Cain wins Best Personal Trainer
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Baltimore’s Best Personal Trainer


Brick Bodies is proud to announce Baltimore’s Best Fitness Instructor in Baltimore Magazine’s 2023 Readers’ Poll, our very own, Jeff Cain! Jeff has been with Brick Bodies for 3 years and is a noticeable energy at Brick Bodies Rotunda gym in Baltimore. From young athletes to new mothers, to those who are new to the world of fitness, Jeff is eager to help.  

Jeffery Cain Personal Trainer at Brick Bodies Rotunda gym in Baltimore

Jeff’s fitness journey started early in his life. After moving to the U.S. from Jamaica he experienced teasing for being a smaller kid. He decided to change that and started doing push-ups in his room, slowly creating his own personal fitness routine. It wasn’t until college that he began his career as a personal trainer. Jeff needed to get his driver’s license and at the same time, his friend came to him for guidance in the gym. Jeff traded his personal training knowledge for training behind the wheel and found a passion in helping educate others on fitness and exercise. The rest is history!  

Wise words from Jeff to those who haven’t started their fitness journey:

Start now. Not much is going to change between today and tomorrow, so take the leap. I do believe Personal Training is great for everyone. I myself have had a trainer before so if you do feel like there is a step or obstacle you can’t get over– seek someone to help you. Personal training takes out the guesswork and gives you the foundation.”- Jeff Cain 


Jeff explains that to build a routine and increase your comfort in the gym you need to find your motivation. Choose a reason that has emotional ties and use it for your motivation factor. You’re more likely to stay committed if it means something to you. Maybe your reason is having more energy to play with your children, or maybe, like Jeff, it’s a memory of where you came from. Whatever it may be, hold onto it and use it as your motivation to come to the gym and show up for yourself on a regular basis.

Brick Bodies has won Best Gym in Baltimore Magazine’s Readers’ Poll Awards, SIX years in a row, with the support of our amazing members, and, of course, Baltimore’s Best Fitness Instructor, Jeff Cain.  

Brick Bodies Rotunda Gym in Baltimore wins Baltimore Magazine's Best of Baltimore in 2023


“Brick Bodies is a community. Feels like family every time you come in. From the front desk to the trainers to membership. We all communicate well and bond together inside and out of the gym. I think the energy is infectious when you walk in every day, with such a great staff. I believe in learning from your peers and your fellow trainers and staff. I learn a lot here and feel motivated to be better.”– Jeff Cain 


Mantra: “When you feel like giving up remember where you came from and why you’re here. It’s going to be hard, but it’s a journey not a destination.” 

Favorite Group Fitness Class: Jeanne-Michele Body Pump and Spin RPM at Brick Bodies Rotunda.

Guilty Pleasures: 

  • Fitness: Loves Lunges- catch him doing lunges all around the club once a week with different weights  
  • Life: Starbucks Lemon Loafs