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Need Some Workout Motivation? Check Out These Motivational Stories!

Inspirational Words about Women’s Fitness and Weight Loss Solutions in Baltimore

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose five pounds or 50 pounds knows that losing weight isn’t easy. And yet millions of people manage to accomplish their weight loss goals every year on the journey to looking better, feeling better, and living their best lives possible. You can support your own weight loss efforts by celebrating the successes of others. Read on for a closer look at three impressive and inspiring weight loss success stories that’ll help build up your workout motivation.

Three Inspiring Stories to Help Increase Your Workout Motivation

1.  “I’m finally at peace with the way I look.”

Women’s Health recently shared the story of 27-year-old Krystal Sanders. Krystal’s unhealthy childhood eating habits followed her into adulthood, when the combination of a full-time job, nightly trips through the drive-through, and wedding-planning-related stressed added up to significant weight gain — and wedding photos Krystal couldn’t stand to share with others. This was her tipping point.

In addition to committing to eating better, Krystal also started jogging on the treadmill and doing strength workouts. Not only did she shed more than 60 pounds through adopting these healthy behaviors, but she also saw her confidence skyrocket.

Krystal has several tips for others on their own weight loss journeys, including setting out everything they need to work out in the morning the night before — from clothing to your water bottle. “Then,” she says, “Nothing can get in the way of your workout.” She also told Women’s Health, “Don’t be cardio all the time — lift weights! Replacing fat with muscle means you burn more calories without even trying.”

2. “It blows my mind when I think of all the physical activity I am now capable of that I was not even before I gained the weight.”

While active as a child, Suzi Walthall began putting on weight in her late teens and by the age of 38 had started binge eating. In the interim, she also gave up entirely on exercise. After reaching 460 pounds, she told Huffington Post, one day something snapped. She told herself, “I am not having anymore of this. This time, I will lose the weight, and it will be successful.”

While even just walking a few blocks was a challenge for Suzi as she started an exercise program, she talked herself into joining the gym, where she began using Nautilus machines for strength-building. A major factor in helping Suzi reach her current weight of 180 was working alongside personal trainers who trained her in everything from traditional weight lifting to cardio kickboxing.

She was so inspired by her personal trainers that she went on to become one herself. She says, “A lot of people who are not even as bad off as I once was often tell me they just cannot do what I have done, and I remind them of where I once was and how I pulled myself together.”

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3. “I learned that when you hit a plateau, it means that it’s time to switch things up.”

While true weight loss success comes from within, sometimes an external nudge can be a major contributing factor. In Torrie Creamer’s case as reported in Everyday Health, that nudge came from her six-year-old son who asked her, “Mommy, why are you fat?”  This prompted Torrie to reflect on the reasons that had led her weight to climb to 322 pounds after getting married, having three kids, and working full-time, and to commit to stop making excuses and to start making change.

How to get motivated to work out
Is joining a gym the missing puzzle piece in your quest to lose weight?

Torrie started by joining a boot camp class, and while she initially struggled, support from the others in the class kept her going. She told Everyday Health, “I wanted to quit, but the support of the group kept me going. They became my family by not only being there for me physically, but also mentally when I felt challenged. When I realized they were not going to let me fail, I made a promise to myself to not let myself fail.”

Torrie,  who lost a total of 149 pounds, is also open about her struggles with plateaus, and how she attributes that to complacency. She says, “To start seeing changes again, I would start eating differently or try a different style of working out.…I do cardio three days a week — usually CrossFit, boot camp, or Zumba. I also do weight training three days a week. I usually target different areas each day: chest/back/abs, shoulders/arms/abs, and legs.”

Torrie also stresses the degree to which losing the weight changed her life: “I can breathe! I can run! I’m not tired, and I can fit into clothes I never thought I could wear. I’m happier, and my relationship with my husband is better….The best thing is I’m able to inspire other women who have no confidence that they can lose weight, too. I love sharing my story and telling people I can relate to what they’re going through. It’s amazing to see them reach their goals!”

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably found yourself wondering at one time or another how to gain some workout motivation. The next time you find yourself in a fitness rut, think of Krystal, Torrie, and Suzi for a solid dose of inspiration.