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Punch and Kick Fat to the Curb with BODYCOMBAT!

Be a Workout Warrior. BODYCOMBAT at Our Gyms in Baltimore are Hard Core.

BODYCOMBAT is one of the biggest, baddest fitness trends around, and with good reason, too. After all, what other type of workout encourages you to unleash your inner warrior by punching, kicking, striking, and kata-ing your way not just to a better body, but also to empowerment?

If you’ve never taken a BODYCOMBAT class before, you may be wondering what it’s all about. Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know about BODYCOMBAT.


BODYCOMBAT is a high-energy, non-contact, martial-arts inspired workout designed to train the whole body.  Whether you’re looking to workout your legs; add definition to your arms, shoulders, and back; or strengthen your core, BODYCOMBAT delivers all of this and much more while simultaneously promoting enhanced agility, coordination, and speed.

Speaking of your core, are you tired of endless crunches upon crunches? With BODYCOMBAT, you may get a much needed break. Why? Because, according to LES MILLS, “Research shows that if you embrace your inner fighter during a BODYCOMBAT™ class you can get all the core training benefits of doing over 1700 crunches without having to do a single one.”

While this may sound impossible, there’s a solid explanation for it. Les Mills notes: “The reason why BODYCOMBAT is such an effective core workout is because of something called reactive core training. Reactive core training is what happens when you exploit your body’s muscle wiring and natural reflexes by doing movements that force your core muscles to automatically respond as they’re meant to. Jabs and kicks are great examples of reactive core training. This type of training unlocks your functional core strength – and that’s the core strength that you need for everyday life.”

Did we happen to mention that BODYCOMBAT will also turn you into a fat burning machine? In fact, according to LES MILLS, you can burn up to 740 calories in a 55-minute workout.

Indeed, BODYCOMBAT is one of the most effective, efficient workouts around. But it’s also another, equally important, multi-syllabic “e” word: empowering. As regular BODYCOMBAT participants take more classes and grow stronger, they become more confident of their own abilities both in and outside of the gym. It’s crazy fun, too!

Is BODYCOMBAT Okay for Beginners?

Described as the “ultimate warrior workout,” BODYCOMBAT incorporates moves from Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira and Kung Fu. This doesn’t mean you have to have a background in martial arts to take a BODYCOMBAT class. Quite the opposite is true, in fact.

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Powerful punches burn calories AND strengthen the core.

According to LES MILLS, people of all ages and abilities, even those who have never thrown a punch in their lives, can benefit from BODYCOMBAT. Just make sure your instructor knows you are new, and he or she can demonstrate simplified or lower impact modifications appropriate for your level. What’s the best part? As you continue to attend classes, you’ll continue to progress at your own pace. Do it long enough, and you’ll be an expert.  (Still not convinced you want to walk into a BODYCOMBAT class with no advance preparation? Sign up for a session with a personal trainer , who can help you learn the appropriate form.)

Get in Fighting Shape with BODYCOMBAT 

When it comes to weight loss classes, you’d be challenged to find a regimen more beneficial than BODYCOMBAT. Concludes LES MILLS, “BODYCOMBAT makes it easy for everyday exercisers to punch and kick their way to fighting fitness, yet avoid the cuts, bruises, and missing teeth that typically go with it.”

If you’re ready to discover what it feels like to be in the best shape of your life, you’re ready to discover BODYCOMBAT. Sign up for a trial pass to Brick Bodies today to try BODYCOMBAT or another group weight loss program.