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SPRINT Your Way to Fitness This Summer

Looking for the Best Group Exercise in Baltimore? Try Les Mills SPRINT at Brick Bodies!

Looking for a new way to rev up your exercise routine this summer? Look no further than Les Mills SPRINT. Offering all of the amazing advantages of HIIT training but on an indoor bike, it’s 30-minutes of pure calorie-burning, muscle-building fun.

Here’s a closer look at this exciting workout, along with why you should put the pedal to the metal this summer by signing up for a Les Mills SPRINT class at Brick Bodies.

What is Les Mills SPRINT?

You have heard the expression “short but sweet.” A more appropriate description of Les Mills SPRINT might be “short but sweat.” In just 30 minutes, this ultimate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout delivers rapid results.

What makes Les Mills SPRINT so effective? For starters, the high intensity format pushes the body not only to burn more calories during your workout, but also for hours after you have finished working out. Alternating periods of extreme effort and rest is a direct route to pushing your body harder toward the achievement of your fitness goals.

All of this adds up to an anything-but-ordinary cycle workout. Says Les Mills SPRINT National Head Trainer Bas Hollander of the innovative program:

“We don’t see SPRINT as a conventional ‘cycling program’ because it’s not like that. Les Mills SPRINT is a training which uses bikes like other programs use barbells and resistance bands. It’s not a cycling program, it’s not a cycling experience that’s comparable with cycling outdoors. No tights, sunglasses or helmets. It’s about you, in your normal gym gear, with a motivating group of people and an instructor to push you to your limits. It’s faster, younger and even more motivating!”

Already sold on Les Mills SPRINT? If so, sign up for a trial pass at Brick Bodies today. If not, read on for even more reasons to add Les Mills SPRINT to your workout routine.

Five Benefits of Les Mills SPRINT

The benefits of Les Mills SPRINT are numerous, including the following:

  • Building lean muscle mass while training the body to become a fat-burning machine
  • Accelerated cardio results thanks to steady state training
  • Lasting calorie burning beyond the 30-minute workout
  • Intense, short and done in 30 minutes (“no time” is no excuse!)
  • Promoting mental toughness

All this, and it is low impact, meaning it is also suitable for people with joint problems and/or those who are recovering from injuries.

Sums up Hollander:

“Les Mills SPRINT is an intense 30-minute cycle workout built on the science of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It has a lot of advantages for all sorts of gym members. A program designed to give maximum results in shorter amounts of time. Participants get fitter faster and it gives their fitness experience an amazing boost. You work harder than ever but research shows it is worth it! Replacing one hour of your usual workouts with two 30-minute Les Mills SPRINT workouts a week will get you fitter and leaner faster.”

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Are you up for the Les Mills SPRINT challenge? (Here’s a hint: There’s only one right answer to the question!)

Are You Les Mills SPRINT-Ready? 

There is one last thing to keep in mind about Les Mills SPRINT. While anyone can do the program (no cycling experience required), a certain level of fitness is recommended for participation in the class. Advises Les Mills:

“Dial it back in your first few sessions to get a feel for what it’s about. If you’re finding things tough it’s fine to slow down, reduce the load or sit up and rest. We recommend two HIIT workouts a week as part of a balanced training plan.” 

Not sure whether you’re SPRINT-ready or looking for help getting there? From introducing you to the basics of HIIT to helping you learn how to set up your bike to making sure your head’s in the game and ready to make the most of this exhilarating program,  a personal trainer can offer invaluable partnership in preparing you to take the ride of your life.  Sign up for a personal trainer session today to get started.