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Dominus Blue and client Rohan Campbell

A Tailored Approach: Crafting a Personalized Plan for Success

When your fitness goals have specific deadlines, or short timeframes Brick Bodies is proud to be your first choice in fitness. Especially when you work alongside one of our Certified Personal Trainers!

Dominus Blue, a personal trainer at Brick Bodies Rotunda was approached by General Manager, Austin Clark in late October 2023. Austin claimed he had the perfect client for Dominus, Rohan Campbell. Rohan was applying for the Baltimore City Police Department and with previous health issues, he knew he needed the help of a trainer to ensure he could pass the physical exam.

Dominus has previous experience as an Army Non-Commissioned Officer and Officer, administering countless personal training exams and keeping soldiers in a constant state of physical readiness. Post military service, Dominus struggled with personal and mental health issues, and experienced significant weight gain. Physical activity and becoming a personal trainer helped restore balance to his life and grew his passion for fitness and helping others.  After meeting with Rohan, Dominus learned Rohan’s motivation was to transition careers and maintain an active lifestyle; to be able to spend more quality time and be active and healthy for his daughter. Dominus knew they were a match. 

With the test being at the end of November, they only had a short timeline to work with.

My focus was not just getting him to pass qualification of the BPD exam, but to make sure he would be able to graduate the academy, otherwise all of this would be pointless.  We started with the basics (foundation).  Strengthening his core, upper and lower body and making sure the cardio demands of training would not be a shock to his system.  Cue the Rocky music.” – Dominus Blue

Programming was personalized and focused specifically on Rohan’s current strength level and what he needed to pass the exam. Dominus went the extra mile to encourage Rohan by doing push-ups and Russian twists right alongside him.

My time spent with Dom has been a life changing aspect for me.  It’s only been a month and he got me where I needed to be within that span.  Yes, I was in the gym doing it on my own, but he cranked it up to another level that I didn’t expect to have.  I am beyond grateful.  Words cannot express how appreciative I am to him for all that he has done, and continues to do, on this journey.” – Rohan Campbell

A Journey of Transformation and Triumph

In late November 2023 Dominus received the text he had hoped for, “good news coach, I passed with flying colors”.

I literally could not have been happier.  You see stuff like this in the movies, but when you experience the joy of another human being who accomplished a real-life goal, all I can say is I wish everyone can experience that kind of happiness.  Outstanding job, Rohan!  In the end, all the credit goes to Rohan.  He did all the work, and whenever I asked for “2 more reps”…he did it!– Dominus Blue

At Brick Bodies, we pride ourselves on more than just providing top-notch fitness facilities; we’re dedicated to ensuring every member receives personalized support tailored to their unique needs and aspirations. The story of Dominus Blue and Rohan Campbell exemplifies our commitment to pairing clients with trainers who are not only highly skilled but also deeply empathetic and invested in their success. By taking the time to understand Rohan’s goals, challenges, and motivations, Dominus was able to craft a program that not only prepared him for the Baltimore City Police Department’s physical exam but also empowered him to achieve his broader aspiration of a career change for more time with his daughter. This dedication to personalized training ensures that at Brick Bodies, every member has access to the guidance and support they need to conquer their fitness goals, no matter how ambitious or challenging they may seem.