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Fight Scary Fat with Halloween HIIT Exercises

Blast Candy Calories with HIIT at Timonium Gym!

It is easy to think of Halloween as the domain of kids. After all, they are the ones putting on costumes and parading through the streets every October 31st. However, whether you are a parent tempted by your child’s sweets stash, or just headed to a Halloween party where there will be near-endless food and drink temptations, adults are not exactly living candy-free lives every Trick or Treat season. In fact, at least half of grownups indulge in candy on Halloween, according to USA Today. 

While it is true that everything is okay in moderation, the reality is that overindulging in Halloween candy can continue to haunt you for days, weeks, and months to come in the form of unwanted extra pounds. The good news? You can say “boo” to Halloween weight gain by committing to HIIT this season. Read on for three eerily effective fat-blasting moves to add to your HIIT workout this fall.

1. DEADlifts 

Says Shape of this go-to workout for the buffest of fitness buffs: “There’s a reason why most lifters are dead set on including deadlifts in their workouts. They’re one of the best moves for hitting a lot of muscle groups at once. Doing deadlifts works the entire posterior chain (the backside of your body), activating both your upper and lower body, and burning tons of calories in the process.”

Echoes Fitness magazine: “Whether you want to burn calories, strengthen your entire lower body, or just sculpt a better backside, you need to learn how to deadlift.”

To start reaping the benefits of deadlifts, Coach Calorie recommends alternating between a minute’s worth of deadlift reps and a minute’s rest for 20 minutes.

One thing to keep in mind is that while there are several different ways to do deadlifts, all share one thing in common. Proper form is essential. A personal trainer can not only help you learn optimal techniques aimed at maximizing your movement while minimizing the risk of injury, he/she can also help you craft workouts designed to help you quickly achieve your fitness goals. Sign up for a personal trainer session at Brick Bodies today to get started.

2. Jumping Jack (O’Lantern)s

In honor of the child-friendly spirit of Halloween, why not bust out this gym class staple? There is a reason why fitness fans have relied on jumping jacks for so many years to burn calories, trim belly fat, and gain muscle. They work! Not only that, but they require no equipment and can be done just about anywhere, meaning you’ve got no excuse not to get your jumping jack on this Halloween.

Need a jumping jack refresher? Instructs Huffington Post: “Start by standing upright with your feet hip-width apart and your arms at your sides. Jump your feet out while raising your arms. Repeat as fast as possible. If a regular jumping jack is too difficult, step side to side while raising your arms instead.”

3. The Frankenstein Walk

No Halloween-themed workout routine would be complete without the Frankenstein Walk, a ghoulishly good workout move sure to get you in the Halloween mood.

Weight loss workout plan
Don’t feel like HIIT-ing it alone this Halloween? Take a group fitness class!

Recommends the American Council on Fitness: “Add this fun and effective move to your dynamic warm-up to help increase body temperature while functionally preparing the body for the exercises to come. Beginning in a standing position, step forward with the right foot and swing the left leg out in front of the body, drawing the right hand toward the left foot. Step down with the left foot and swing the right leg out, reaching the left hand toward the right foot. Repeat this cycle of movement as you walk across the floor. Limited space? No problem! This exercise can also be done standing in place.”

What is the best part of adding these HIIT moves to your exercise regimen now? They won’t just help you through the candy-crazed days of October, but will continue to be an effective weight loss workout plan throughout the upcoming holiday season.