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Weight Loss

Want to Lose Weight? H2Run It Off!

Looking for the Best Aquatics Classes in Baltimore? Try H2Run at Brick Bodies!

When you think of typical pool time, you may think of relaxation on a pool deck and hopping in for the occasional lackadaisical float.

However, Brick Bodies’ H2Run class is anything but “typical pool time.”  In fact, it’s one of the best workouts you can get! Here’s what you need to know about this phenomenal workout, along with a closer look at the benefits — for weight loss and beyond — of jumping into this group fitness class at Brick Bodies.

What is H2Run?

Part of Brick Bodies’ extensive lineup of aquatic fitness classes, H2Run is a deep water class which uses the amplified resistance of water to target the core, arms, and legs. During a deep water workout, participants perform a series of exercises in the pool, which may include everything from interval sprints to jumping jacks. The class may also incorporate tools, such as noodles, foam-based wrist/ankle cuffs, and flotation belts — all aimed at optimizing the impact of this popular water workout.

While many people mistakenly assume that water workouts are “easy,” this couldn’t be further from the truth. While water is gentle on joints, the workout itself is a powerful one. “The myth is that because water keeps the heart rate lower, you’re not working as hard,” Cynthia Krafft, president of the Aquatic Professional Association International told The Denver Post. “Research shows the lactic acid levels (a byproduct of exercise) throughout the body are actually higher in the water than on land. When working on land, your resistance is air, and everything is about pushing away from gravity. In the water, everywhere you move, there is resistance against your body, and that resistance is 12 times more than with air,” she says.

Who Can Benefit from H2O?

According to Julie See, president of Nokomis, Florida’s Aquatic Exercise Association,  “Exercising in deep water can be modified to meet almost any goal for any population, from challenging a professional athlete to reducing back pain for a pregnant woman, or improving functional movements for older adults.” In other words, just about anyone can put the many benefits of H2Run to work for themselves.

Group fitness class
Think swim lessons are just for kids? Think again. Brick Bodies’ swim lessons for adults of all ages and abilities can help you become a stronger, more confident swimmer.

What if you’re not a strong swimmer? The deep water setting may not be suitable for you if you don’t know how to swim and/or have a fear of the water. Furthermore, if you’re unable to climb up and down the pool ladder due to bad knees or weak stomach muscles, H2Run may not be for you. All this being said, do you really want to let your inability to swim stand in the way of the joy of swimming? Brick Bodies also offers swim lessons for people of all ages and abilities levels, including basic water skills for adult beginners.  (Sign Up for an Aquatic Session today to get started.)

The Benefits of H2Run

We’ve already addressed the low impact nature of water workouts, but there are also other benefits related to deep water workouts, including boosting circulation, stabilizing the core, and enhancing flexibility by supporting a greater range of motion. Additionally, when integrated into a comprehensive workout routine, H2Run becomes a highly effective cross-training technique.

When it comes to weight loss, research points to the profound benefits of water conditioning. After conducting a study of overweight people and water workouts, scientists at Texas A&M concluded that water-based workouts not only promote calorie burning and the loss of body fat but are also more comfortable to perform than land-based alternatives.

And if you’re recovering from an injury, H2Run may be your new best friend. Exercise physiologist Alan Voisard told The Denver Post, “Deep-water training allows the athlete to heal while maintaining muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness,” he said. “It allows an athlete to continue optimal cardio fitness, and the injured areas don’t have to be compromised.”

Ready to start strengthening, toning and trimming your body through H2Run and other fitness tools? Sign up for a trial pass at Brick Bodies today.