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3 Natural Remedies for Kids That You’ll Want to Keep on Hand at All Times

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Are your children active? Be prepared with natural remedies for any sport-related injury that may unexpectedly arise! The following natural remedies for kids are some of our favorites to keep in the house, purse or car so that you’ll be prepared when a minor injury takes place.

3 Natural Remedies for Kids  That You Should Have on Hand for Any Occasion:

1) Homeopathic Medicines

natural remedies for kidsHomeopathics are easy to use, natural and safe over the counter remedies that you can rely on to help your kids in an acute injury situation. They are especially helpful to have on the sidelines during sporting events. While their use is not limited to injuries, they are ideal for breaks, sprains, bumps and bruises that the active child may experience. Stock up on the following:

  • Arnica Montana: Arnica Montana is the token homeopathic for sudden trauma, for helping reduce muscle soreness and bruising. There exists both an internal and topical preparation. Use both in conjunction with one another.
  • Hypericum Perfatorum: Hypericum Perfatorum is an excellent remedy where nerve pain is concerned. This can help with everything from growing pains to nerve pain related to strains, sprains, breaks and all types of injuries.
  • Ruta Graveolens: Ruta Graveolens is a fantastic homeopathic medicine to have on hand in case of a break. This remedy is indicated if the periosteum or covering of a bone is affected and with most kids it is. Active kids fall, get bumped and bruised and the periosteum is what often takes the brunt.
  • Topricin topical cream: This topical is great as a first responder. Topricin contains Arnica Montana- along with a number of other homeopathic medicines, this remedy is used for falls, bruises, joint pain and an entire host of achy issues.
  • Rescue Remedy Blend: What can often accompany an injury? Stress or an upset child. Rescue Remedy pastilles are ideal for helping your child relax during a scary or stressful experience surrounding an injury.

2) Easy to Digest Protein Powder

It may not sound like a “remedy”, but when traveling for sports or after a long day at school and your child has just participated in a sporting event, they need to replenish their protein fast to fuel muscles and brain tissue. Protein snacks such as hard boiled eggs are great, but a mix of chia, flax and pea protein is easy to digest and will digest slowly offering the right kind of fuel your child needs.

3. Epsom Salt and Essential Oil Soaks

If you can convince your achy child to take a bath, do it. Epsom salts with essential oils are deeply penetrable and help soften stagnated joint buildup due to sports, injuries, and everyday growing pains. Follow up bath time with either arnica or a topricin cream to go the extra mile.

Do you have any other go-to natural remedies for kids? Please let other readers know what has worked for you and your family in the comments below. Brick Bodies simply suggest these natural remedies for minor bumps and bruises. If you or your child is seriously injured please see your Doctor immediately.