woman in fitness apparel lacing up shoe for cardio training workout at brick bodies gym

5 Quick Wins to Change Your Body


Changing your body is all about building habits – habits that increase your activity, positively influence your nutrition and become a part of your routine. Below are 5 tips to implement into your routine to get the most out of your fitness. Pro Tip: Don’t try to add all 5 tips at once- take habit one, do it for a week, and then add habit two and continue until all 5 habits have become a part of your weekly routine!

1. Drink More Water!

  1. We hear it all the time, water makes up a large percent of your body and it’s good for you, drink it! But why? Water makes your entire system function more efficiently:
    • Your body will recover quicker from your workouts when hydrated properly
    • Your digestive system will work smoother, aiding in weight loss
    • You will feel fuller throughout your day and therefore eat less empty calories
    • The effectiveness of your nervous system increases- aka your brain communicates better with the rest of your body

So how much water should you drink? A good general rule of thumb is to start with dividing your body weight in half and drinking that number in fluid ounces of water per day. However, think about things that cause a loss of hydration and be sure to replace any fluids you lose. You can weigh yourself during and after exercise to identify how much water is lost during a workout- replace that. You can drink equal amounts of water as you do soda or coffee- for example, if you have two cups of coffee in the morning, drink two glasses of water too.

2. Take the Stairs

It may seem cliché, however adding steps to your day can make a huge difference. Instead of parking in the closest parking spot or riding the elevator, park far away and take the stairs to add to your total activity levels. Need a break from sitting at your desk? Go take a few laps up and down the stairs. Taking the stairs requires more energy output then simply going for a walk and can get you more caloric burn in a shorter amount of time! Be sure to take the stairs safely by placing your whole foot on each step and driving through your heel- this activates your glutes and avoids pressure in your low back.

3. Add Cardio Between Sets at the Gym

Keep your heart rate high throughout the session! Sometimes, when we’re doing strength-based exercises, it’s important we rest in between sets to get the most out of the next set. However, adding some medium to high intensity cardio moves that won’t wear out the same muscle groups you’re lifting with can be an efficient way to increase your calorie burn in the same amount of time. Instead of completely resting between sets on the bench press, try adding 30 seconds of jumping jacks or high knees.

4. Add Complex Movements into your Gym Routine

To create a higher caloric output during your workout, you want to use as many muscles and body parts as possible. When you engage multiple muscle groups at the same time, you’re doing more in the same amount of time- increasing the calories you burn while also saving you time! Try adding an overhead press to your squat or a bicep curl to your lunges to engage more muscles in a single move.

5. Start and End Your Day with 10 Reps of your Favorite Exercise or Dance Move!

Starting and ending your day with activity helps you to mentally view it as a priority. Choosing to do it with a move your love, can increase the positive feelings you feel about moving and will increase the likelihood that you continue with more movement throughout your day. Have fun!

Spring is finally here which means Summer is right around the corner. By incorporating these five activities into your routine, you can welcome Summer feeling confident!