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How to Get Your Workout Ready for Spring

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If you’ve been in hibernation mode all winter, the transition to spring can be a tricky one — especially when you shed the heavy winter clothing and realize you’ve got some work to do before bathing suit season. The good news is there’s no better season than spring to start anew. Wondering where to begin when it comes to jump-starting your workout this season? Read on for five spring workout tips.

1. Invest in new gear.

Dread the thought of squeezing into last season’s workout attire? Get in the right mindset by treating yourself to new gear. Not only will you be more motivated to go to the gym if you feel good in your skin, you’ll also be financially invested — meaning it’s harder to write off going. For some people, merely putting on workout clothes is an impediment to working out. Eliminate the issue by getting in the habit of laying out your gym clothes the night before so they’re ready to go when you are.

2. Set goals…and make a plan to reach them.

While committing to exercise is a noble idea, there’s nothing concrete about it. In order to convert an intangible idea into reality, you need goals and a plan to bring them to life. Goals should be “SMART,” AKA specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. The SMARTer your goals are, the more productively you’ll use your time and resources.

Unfortunately, many people’s well-intentioned plans to go to the gym or take a long walk are superseded by the demands of daily life. Another way to make sure you stay on track is to make a schedule and stick to it.

3. Choose the right workout. 

If you don’t like running, deciding to run a marathon because everyone else is doing it may not be your best route to fitness. Have two left feet? A Zumba class may not be the most comfortable environment. However, if running engenders in you a sense of exhilaration or if you’ve always loved to show off your moves on the dance floor, training for a marathon or signing up for Zumba class may be wonderful ways to get your body moving. Take a look at our lineup to find the perfect class today.

There are many different choices when it comes to fitness. Exploring all of your options — factoring in your personal preferences and goals — can help you get into an inspiring, motivating and sustainable workout routine.

4. Enlist a friend.

A growing body of evidence confirms a phenomenon dubbed “exercise contagion.” Not only is working out a social activity, but you may also work out harder when you work out with friends. Plus, if you have plans to meet up with a friend to exercise, you’re less likely to make an excuse not to go. Psychology professor Thomas Plante, Ph.D., told Fitness: “If you know a friend is waiting for you at the gym or won’t pound the pavement without you, it’s tough to bail.”

Want one more reason to buddy up with a friend? It’s fun!

Workout tips
A better workout is waiting under the guidance of a personal trainer.

5. Work with a personal trainer.

Another great way to stay accountable is to work with a personal trainer. Particularly if you’re having trouble finding your inner motivation to exercise, a personal trainer can offer a winning blend of structure and creativity aimed at helping you overcome obstacles and plateaus in order to make the most of your workout routine. Personal trainers are also an invaluable resource. Whether you’re looking for exercises to target “problem” areas or hoping to injury-proof your workout, a personal trainer can help you succeed.

Spring may have felt like it took forever to arrive, but summer is just around the corner. By utilizing these five tips now, you can welcome summer with open arms and your fittest body yet. Sign up for a trial pass at Brick Bodies to get started.