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Knockout Your Next Cardio Session with Brick Boxing

Punch Up Your Strength & Cardio Fitness with Boxing at Our Gyms in Baltimore!

The word “cardio” means different things to different people. For some, it brings to mind thoughts of hours of mind-numbing drudgery on various pieces of gym equipment. For others, it means jumping around to pop music while wearing your favorite 80’s-inspired spandex outfit. Indeed, there are many different ways to get your cardio in — each with their own unique benefits. One lesser-known way to get major results is boxing.

Here’s a closer look at everything you’ve always wanted to know about boxing for fitness, along with one boxing workout designed to maximize results (and fun!) for participants.

The Many Benefits of Boxing

Did you know that boxing is a slim-down secret of many celebrities, including Victoria’s Secret models Kelly Gale, Romee Strijd and Adriana Lima? From tighter abs to a more defined upper half, boxing trims and tones without adding bulk.  Looking better in your bikini is just one of the reasons to add boxing to your fitness regimen.

Boxing delivers a serious two-for-one, core-strengthening, total-body workout which targets the entire body. Says American Council on Exercise exercise physiologist Jessica Matthews:

“In addition to boosting strength and cardio-respiratory fitness, boxing improves a number of skill-related parameters of fitness, including balance, coordination, reactivity, and agility.” 

The takeaway? Boxing makes you better at throwing punches and makes you a better overall athlete.

When it comes to calorie burning, boxing also packs a serious punch. A natural HIIT workout, boxing typically alternates intervals of heavy effort with periods of recovery. This makes it both an aerobic and anaerobic workout, a metabolic powerhouse. It has a potential burn rate of 13 calories a minutes, meaning you can look forward to burning as many as 400 calories every hour! This makes it as effective as cardio activities like cycling and running for blasting calories.  (Did you know that you can also take your HIIT workout into the pool? Sign Up for an Aquatic Session today to find out how.)

The physical benefits of boxing are profound, but so are the psychological ones. As boxing instructor Antonio Valverde told Shape:

“There’s nothing better to release some stress than punching a mitt or a heavy bag. The adrenaline that is released during boxing and the hormonal response far exceeds any physical benefits.”

One final reason to take up boxing and boxing-inspired workouts is that this activity will push you to your limits while constantly challenging you to improve. Says former championship boxer turned trainer-to-the-stars Michael Olajide Jr.:

“Boxing is a never-ending fitness challenge. No boxer who has ever gloved up has mastered all aspects of boxing, so when given a knowledgeable boxing trainer, it will never get boring.” 

In other words, not only can you constantly mix things up with boxing, but you can easily rev up your workout by increasing intensity and/or speed.

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A full-body workout means full-body results.

Introducing Brick Boxing

You do not have to step foot inside a boxing ring to take advantage of all the amazing things boxing has to offer, thanks to the newly revamped Brick Boxing program at Brick Bodies. Designed to help every participant amp up their fitness training, this pure boxing workout incorporates intense strength and cardio intervals for the ultimate cardio boxing workout.

 To embrace your inner Rocky by trying out a Brick Boxing class out for yourself, sign up for a trial pass at Brick Bodies today.