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3 Expert-Approved Treadmill Workouts That Will Keep You in Shape

Rev Your Routine with Cardio Training in Reisterstown

The treadmill is a go-to cardio workout for many exercise enthusiasts. However, the reality is that you can only log so many miles before boredom takes over. While cross-training is one way to keep things exciting, you do not have to give up entirely on the treadmill. Fitness Magazine recently featured several fun treadmill programs aimed at keeping you going longer. Here’s a closer look at three of our favorites, along with why you should give them a go.

Blast Away Boredom With These Three Fun Treadmill Programs

1. The 5K Cardio Training Program

Setting a goal is a great way to keep your eye on the prize (and off the clock), and Fitness’s
5K Cardio Training Program offers a smart starting point. Featuring three days a week of running at just one to one and a half easy miles a day, it is suitable for entry-level runners. This program continues to build over three months amping up in terms of both mileage and effort level. During this time your confidence will grow too. By the time race day arrives during week 12, you will be ready to hit the road running.

Just remember that road running can feel different than treadmill running because the terrain varies, so be sure to follow the workout recommendations for adjusting your treadmill’s incline to best simulate the outdoor running experience.

2. Run/Walk: The 20-Minute Treadmill Hill Workout

If you are not quite ready for full-on running, this short but strong run-walk workout from fitness pro Aundrea Hasselbach promotes fat burning and lower body toning by mixing up both MPH and incline.

Think walking will not help you reach your fitness goals? Think again. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular brisk walking has a number of benefits, including maintaining body weight, preventing various medical conditions, strengthening bones and muscles, and improving balance and coordination. It is even a mood booster!

The 20-Minute Treadmill Hill Workout lets you get in all of the amazing benefits of both walking and running, all while burning a whopping 300 calories in just 20 minutes.

(If you are searching for additional low-impact ways to expand your workout, do not underestimate the advantages of aquatic exercises.)

3. The 20-Minute, Glute-Sculpting Treadmill Routine

If you are engaged in the lifelong quest for a firmer, shapelier posterior, you are not alone. Everyone has their problem areas, and for many people it is the butt — or, more technically, the gluteus maximus. Enter the 20-Minute, Glute-Sculpting Treadmill Routine, a cardio-hill workout from personal trainer Diana Maitland, which builds strength and endurance while burning 150 calories in the process.

Treadmill programs
Walk your way to a better rear view.

Keep in mind that the quest for a better behind is not just an aesthetic endeavor. Your glutes play a major part in supporting your body during standing, walking and balance-related activities. The more you build up this area, the less you will have to worry about injuries, too.

Here’s one tip from the experts. Thinking about your butt during this treadmill routine can help ensure that your muscles are fully engaged. What will the result be? The very best booty-blasting workout you can get.

Do not let your exercise routine slow to a crawl just because you lose focus by repeating the same routine day after day. These three expert-approved fun treadmill programs can help you stay in high gear and on track — or treadmill, as the case may be — to reaching your fitness goals.  Sign up for a trial pass to get started today.