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Land a Spot on The Squad with These Exercises for Football Season

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Pigskin aficionados rejoice! From now until mid-February there will be football on TV. But what about if   you’re trying out for the high school squad or just want to show off your moves on the flag football field? You might need a few more effective exercises for football season then flipping through Sundays games. These workouts will focus on building up burst strength needed to power through a defensive line or bring down a streaking receiver before they hit the end zone.

Easy Yet Effective Exercises for Football Season

Explosive Squats

Exercises for Football SeasonA sport with as much explosive running as football requires extremely strong legs. While there’s nothing wrong with standard squats, the bread and butter of every workout. Explosive squats are the perfect exercise for football season and will give the added benefit of building up the fast-twitch muscles that not only propel you forward but also sideways to avoid a tackle.

  • Lay a bench or exercise ball beneath your rear while you squat.
  • After you make contact, push upwards as hard and fast as possible (as opposed to smoothly in the regular fashion).
  • Use a spotter to avoid accidents and injuries.


When you spend sixty minutes pressed up against someone pushing as hard as they can, you begin to use muscles you never knew you had. Back muscles are wildly important in football for maintaining position in a scrum or a tackle but usually don’t get much of a workout. Which is why a key exercise for football season is back-extension.

  • Bend over a bench while holding a weight plate to your chest and extend your body back to form a straight line.
  • Keep your breath tight in order to push with your midsection and back.
  • Do NOT lift with your spine.

Side Bends

The strength of your core provides stability in a game where the opposition is trying to destabilize you at every moment. Improve the size and sturdiness of your trunk with side bends and you may find yourself feeling muscles that you never knew you had.

  • Pick up a dumbbell with one arm and then lean over in the same direction to extend at a forty-five-degree angle with your hips.
  • Let the weight pull you down and the oblique muscles of your sides pull you back up, without putting a strain on your back.
  • Repeat on the opposite side with a heavier weight.

Group Sweat Sesh

Football is the ultimate team sport, everyone has their role to play and nobody can afford to let their teammates down. Group training sessions, like Boot Camp, are perfect for working together on specific skills and drills. Football players can see how they stack up against the team, while also pushing themselves to outperform their competition and earn a spot on the starting squad.

While most football teams will have a strength and conditioning coach prepping you with several other exercises for football season, these easy yet effective workouts can help shape you into the champion you are meant to be when practice is over.